USCCA Legal representation in the MN South Metro area

Im not sure how to go about locating legal representation in my area and could use a bit of coaching. Thanks

Hi @Charles198,

I used to live in Eden Prairie, but moved to FL about 5 years ago.

Start with doing a search on “Minnesota 2A Lawyers”. You should end up with lawyers that support 2A, have 2A related practice areas, or have made the news related to 2A. Read about their info. Find 3-5 that you like.

Cross check them with USCCA’s network.

Setup phone calls or in person visits to talk to the lawyers. These consultations are usually free.

You do not have to use a lawyer in USCCA’s network. But if the one you choose is not in the network, maybe you can ask them if they would be interested in joining.


Very helpful and useful information. Thank you very much.

Chuck Olson

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Thanks for the awesome response, @PDA3!