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Where can I find the subject link?


@Bruce_C Go to your Dashboard. Go to in Case of Emergency. Scroll down to Find Representation. Click on, Show Attorneys, and find your state. FIND REPRESENTATION
Welcome to the community, anymore questions just ask. :us:


@Bruce_C Welcome to the community. :us: :us: :us:


@Bruce_C Welcome to the community! We are glad to have you!


Is there a way to chat about Pro Se as a subject in as of itself?

Yes there is and you can talk talk to yourself because no one here ‘wants’ to have the guts. Or they just don’t want to talk to you, you are not cool.

That’s ok because we’ve done Soliloquy together and even monologue

well I still do have that contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars and David Weekly Home Boy, lol, did attempt to buy the team to honor my contract as Quarterback and we made a difference that way, I’m sorry, I’m sorry that they might trade Trevor to have enough money

shouldn’t we get to the topic? I mean about your Pro Se?

Oh, yes yes that, I remember… The angels were waking me up, buzzing get to it… over a vm where I am now here in St. John’s County. It’s a potential death sentence and still might be, this misdemeanor

what were the angels buzzing? did you say “get to it”?

I had to write a pleading to clear the air, explain myself… vibe, working, sleeping (it off) or just whatever was no longer going to work much longer, even being fight ready had it’s limits for meeeeeee…

…Body-O-Tactical training… .all that!

where are we going with all this, can you rein it back in? When did you last go out in Public?

I went to the supermarket, I hated it but I got some pizza and good beer

and before that?

I had to make sure that the clerk of courts would allow me certain access, cover all basis. They knew me for the 10 years of effort there

so you went in person to the Clerk of Courts

Yes… the Judge doesnt get to have full control over them, they do have independent authority

are you sure about that?