USCCA and Washington State

I live in WA and was unable to renew my membership. I was shocked to find out why. I truly appreciate what USCCA does and stands for and hope people in other states take advantage of their services before the anti 2A folks get into their politics too.


I find it difficult to believe the State Ins. Comm, is actually this clueless as to the law.

DWI is an intentional act. Under the law if you harm someone while intoxicated or damage their property it is an intentional criminal act.

I’d like to be generous and believe the guy truly was this clueless but if he is, he needs to resign immediately and refund the state treasury everything he’s been paid since taking office.


Somewhere on here is a link to a radio interview with him on the subject… hes got an agenda and hes sticking to it, no matter what shape he has to twist himself into. It was a spectacular example of being deliberately obtuse, quite shocking to anyone with even rudimentary logic skills.

I’m just going with shamefully embarrassing performance on his part. Hes got his story and hes sticking to it, facts and logic be damned.


I listened to it, it was pathetic.


We are working hard to find a way to offer USCCA Memberships to our awesome family in Washington State, @Rodney1. As soon as we have a way, you will know!

Glad to have you in the Community!

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I reside in the state of Washington also, which I’m starting to regret more and more with each passing year, because of similar issues like this where I feel my rights and liberties are being infringed upon.

I’ve got time on my hands, and I’m wondering is there anything I can personally do to let the sad excuse of an insurance commissioner in this state know that I, and others like me want our voices heard, and want sensible arguments as to why USCCA can work in every other state in the union except Washington State, New York, New Jersey (I believe). The latter two I won’t present any arguments for.

I can go up to the commissioners office and ask for their position regarding this matter, in writing. I can ask for current status, find out next steps (if they’re cooperative) in the process, and post that information here. I can do that next week, God willing. Key in all of this is knowing the right questions to ask.

Prior to doing any of this though, I would need to reference the bill, legislation, legal position, whatever they are using to impose these hardships on USCCA’s Washington State members. Could you please state that for us, so will know exactly are we up in arms against (pun intended):smirk:. Also, any questions that should be asked. Thanks.

Paying them a visit, soon as I find out. I’ll be cordial. Most times, you get more bees🐝 with honey🍯, but I do want some answers from these people. This is beyond annoying.

Thanks in advance Dawn🙂


Let me see what data I can get for you on Monday, @Paul102! I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to share, but I’ll do my best for you!

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Thanks Dawn, I didn’t see this response until just now. I REPOSTED a similar message again, which in light of your response here, may have been unnecessary. For that I apologize. I’m just so peeved by this whole thing and I’m just to where I really want to fight back, or see USCCA fight hard to retain the members they have in WA, and not cave to tyrants like MK in WA.

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Sorry I didn’t respond on Monday, @Paul102, I had a family emergency and was unable to talk to the team as I was moderating remotely for a few days.

After talking to the team, all I am able to tell you at this point is we are working with the department to define a mutually agreeable resolution. We ask for your support and patience as we need to take the lead on this.

I know that’s not what you want to hear and I wish I had more for you, but at this point, that’s all I know.

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Hi, my membership is going to expire in ~33 days. I’m just wondering if there has been any progress with the WA State insurance commissioners? And if not does anyone know of any organizations out there that are currently accepting WA State residents?

Thank You.

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Almost 1 year later and still no new information. You took in a quarter of a million dollars from us and paid zero claims. You knew you could not cover any potential claims made once you were notified from the state, but waited until everyone’s renewal to call and tell them. We keep hearing you are working on it, yet see nothing and when asked you do not provide any information or proof. Your group was 100% absent from the effort to repeal 1639. Starting to believe you’re a mix between a scam and a politician.


Have you never heard of not being allowed to discuss an ongoing legal action/investigation?

I can understand your frustration but look to your states politicians and ask them why they are not allowing the USCCA to conduct business in your state.

Get involved with your local state and federal politics and see if you can get some movement from them in the direction you want it to go.

Unless I am grossly mistaken you were afforded all the benefits of membership up until your renewal date at which time the USCCA did NOT take your money and informed you of your states decision to not allow new or renewal (of) memberships.

I am sure the USCCA was hoping to have a solution/resolution in place before membership renew came up.

I am not a USCCA employee but I have met Tim on several occasions. He is one of the most sincere and caring people I have ever met.

I am also certain it hurts him personally knowing he is no longer allowed to help and provide knowledge and benefits for those he was once able to.

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@DBrogue We have tried. When someone from Washington asked what we could do? Who we could call at the capital? we were told by the USCCA to stand down and let them take lead. We want to help but every time we ask how we get zero back. They don’t need to disclose particulars but can legally say we are working x or y with x or y. According to the state of Washington when I called and asked, even though we paid our membership the USCCA would not be able to pay out or support any “active members” from when they were informed by the state they were conducting business illegally in the state of Washington. Even when I got the call stating that I could not renew, I asked if there was a need before my membership expired would the USCCA help or cover me, the answer I got was I cannot say and that they were working with the state to get this fixed. He maybe a great guy, I wouldn’t know. Haven’t ran into him and any of the rallies at the state capital in the last 18 months.

We are working on continually, @Kyle12. I don’t have any new details to share. I know it’s been a lengthier process than we had hoped (we’re a bit impatient on things too). But we have not forgotten about Washington or stopped diligently searching for an answer to help us serve you all again.

That’s the answer we have to give. As every incident is different and the millions of possible circumstances, we cannot say 100% if we would be able to cover a member.

Some people are not as scrupulous and might try to use a USCCA membership to defend themselves after they’ve committed premeditated murder. (I’m definitely not saying that’s you!)

We have to be cautious with what we say when it comes to black and white questions because most situations are not black and white.

I know this isn’t the answer you’d like right now. And we are all waiting expectantly to get more information about what we are going to be able to do in Washington in the future (as I mentioned, we’re impatient too :wink: ) But we have to do this right and we will find the right way to help you all again!

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Then, if I purchase property or have any type of resedency standing in another State, I can then re-apply for membership?

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It has to be your primary residence, @Bruce38. If you live in Oregon and travel to Washington, you’d be able to get a membership with your permanent resident address in Oregon.


The idiotic WA insurance folks have forced USCCA to cancel all of our accounts; can we get an update? No longer being covered is not a good feeling as I’m a daily concealed carrier. Many thanks!


Hi @Robert224 - I’ve moved your post to the thread about USCCA and Washington State so you can see the latest updates as I am able to release them.

We are continuing to work toward an option that will be allowed in Washington - as soon as I have more details and can release them, I will!


Any WA owners in the Gig Harbor area want to get together and have coffee, or better yet, go to the range—let
Me know!


So, did the USCCA roll over and pay the fine? they did nothing wrong nor were there any complaints from the insured members. Answering the first question will tell us a lot about where this thing will go.