USCCA and Washington State

@Ronald45, first, thank you for letting me know how you feel. Your feedback will definitely be shared by those who are in charge of responding to these situations.

Next, I can assure you, that your membership does have your back until the end of your current membership year. If you were to have a self-defense incident in that time, we do have your back. Notifications go out a month ahead of the end of your membership.

Why didn’t we notify you earlier? I believe it was because we were hoping to have a solution by now.

We have a team of experts and attorneys working on Washington and New York options on a daily basis. As we’ve all seen in the past, when attorneys and politicians are involved it doesn’t always go as smoothly as we hope.

The decision to stop selling membership in NY and WA was not an easy one. Here’s what I’m able to share:

We’re currently under investigation by the state of Washington’s Office of the Insurance Commissioner. In its preliminary findings, the Office of the Insurance Commissioner has taken the position that certain USCCA member benefits are illegal and against public policy. We totally disagree with their position and have responded to them accordingly. But, until the investigation is over, we have chosen to stop doing business in Washington to mitigate any fines and penalties they will assess and to preserve and protect our overall membership community.

We’re doing everything we can to find a solution that will get you a membership again. It is a priority of everyone here at the USCCA from Tim on down to find a way to get you protected by us ASAP. We aren’t waiting to hear a result from the investigation…we’re working right now to find a way to get you protection no matter what the investigation ends up saying. But we have to hold off on making new memberships or renewing current members in Washington until we discover that solution.

I know this information doesn’t change the situation. We share your frustration, but we do have your back until the end of your membership. You will still have access to the Community and other USCCA training resources after the expiration of your membership.

You are right, our mission is to educate, train and provide legal protection to responsibly armed Americans. We are diligently working to be able to do that in all 50 states again as soon as we possibly can.


Would it be beneficial us to WA state residents to send letters to state officials? If so, are there certain officials that should be prioritized? And is there a letter drawn up that we could use to send to said officials?

Thank you for all your hard work,

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I believe that people have been sending letters to the Washington state insurance commissioner - but we don’t have anything that the USCCA has written up as a form letter.

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I just got a call from the USCCA today to inform me about this situation. The complete lack of information in regards to the litigation that may; or may not be in process, is frustrating to say the least. This is very clearly an attempt to intimidate honest citizenry out of carrying a weapon for self defense. They cannot attack our 2nd amendment directly enough, and so they erode it from every obtuse angle their tyrannical minds can conjure.

I’m disheartened to see the complete breakdown of law, order, and sense in WA state. As the crime increases in the state due to the complete failure of government polices. As the cowardly police stand down and follow unconstitutional orders to withhold enforcement. As laws are passed to infringe on our Bill of rights, not only our 2nd, but 1-10th amendments. As all of this breakdown occurs in society, and we are forcefully denied services in a two party consenting transaction using legal tender.

They keep pushing, and they are going to push us of the cliff, to dash our skulls on the rocks, and have our souls washed out to sea.

Metaphorically speaking


Is it money or principle you work for?

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Wife and I just renewed for another year. Thankfully we don’t live in Washington state. Unfortunately my brother and nephew do. They are beside themselves with no coverage as of this date.

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