USCCA and Washington State

Your membership is valid until your renewal date, @Mitchell. You will receive a call and email about the end of your current membership before it ends. You don’t need to do anything unless you’d like to cancel it early. (If you’d like to cancel it early, give us a call at 877-677-1919)

I am a lifetime member in WA state. Just wondering if I will still receive the magazine when my membership is terminated, or is everything just gone.

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You will be receiving a magazine, @James15. Your lifetime membership has a “renewal” date even though it’s a Lifetime Membership to show the anniversary. After that membership anniversary date (which you can see in your Dashboard), you will receive the magazine for a year after that anniversary date. I’ll message you with additional details.

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So the ■■■■■■■■ in Washington state make things a little difficult for the USCCA and you pull out with a scripted phone call. I really had the highest admiration for what Tim and the USCCA stood for. Yes I said HAD and as far as I’m concerned just cancel it now. I think this is nothing more than than a dog with no fight, good luck Tim.

@Steve6, we are very frustrated by the situation as well and are working to find a solution that would allow us to be able to assist responsibly armed Americans in Washington again.

I cannot imagine the frustration that our members are going through. Our frustration pales in comparison. As soon as a resolution is found, we will let everyone know.

Your membership and corresponding benefits are valid until your renewal date. If you would like to cancel before then, please PM me through the Community or give us a call at 877-677-1919 and we can assist you with that.

Good afternoon just talked to my brother who lives in Washington state. The ag in Washington state says that the insurance commission will not cover insurance from uscca or NRA because if you defend yourself in a situation you are performing an illegal act. My brother isn’t happy about this.

As my membership end in one week how would I know if USCCA has had luck in getting this all sorted out?

I assume I will no longer have access to this forum after next week so will I be contacted in some other way?

Thanks, and good luck,
Keith Marshall

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@Keith4, @Dawn can confirm, but I believe this forum is open to everyone, not just USCCA members. You can keep hanging out here just as much as you want, and I know they’ll continue to update status here. We’d be glad to have you.

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Thanks Zee. :slight_smile:

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This sight is open to even non members. I believe you can access basic articles on as well.

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You are very much welcome to stay in the Community, @Keith4!

I know progress is being made, but I do not have details or a timeline yet. When it comes to dealing with the law and politicians, things can change on a dime.

We will definitely be letting everyone know with an email and through the Community when we have a way to help those who would like to be members in New York and Washington state.


Probably been covered but what about member only discounts and training videos, etc. Is that all out the window with my non-renewed membership at the end of the month?

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Any training that you’ve purchased will still be in your account as will your Concealed Carry Magazine subscription. I’ll check on the member-only options, I’m not sure if they will remain available.

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Has anyone done a request for records? Anyone started any action on this?

I’m interested in volunteering. If there is not a group formed to look into this, I would like to start one.


Just got my call saying that it won’t be renewed. I’m beyond livid with this state. I’ve been a member for 12 years.

I don’t suppose there could be a subscription option that doesn’t include insurance for members that are in WA and NY?


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I am so sorry, @Charles9! :frowning:

We are working on a few different options, but nothing is finalized yet. You will be notified as soon as there is a viable option!

You will continue to receive the Concealed Carry Magazine for the next year and I’d love to have you stay active in the Community!

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@Dawn I’ve become aware that the main issue here was that USCCA never applied to get approved to sell insurance in the state in the first place. Does USCCA plan on going through this required process to rectify this?


Dawn, since they would also be covered out of state until this is resolved it seems that the USCCA should be able to keep them covered at a reduced rate unless a law is passed that flat out prevents the USCCA from doing business in the state.

If they do so, then you have a solid federal case under the interstate commerce clause.

I suppose they can lawfully and constitutionally prevent coverage for in state incidents by residents but I see no way it holds up in federal court on interstate cases.

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The USCCA doesn’t sell insurance. We are a membership organization with benefits, one of those main benefits is that you are covered for legal expenses if you are involved in a self defense shooting.

Personally I don’t see these laws surviving long once the cases get into federal court but those are very expensive and slow battles to fight which can drag on for years.

These types of laws are simply backdoor ways around the 2nd Amendment to scare people into giving up their guns for fear of liability should they ever be forced to use one in lawful self defense.

Even if you do everything absolutely right, if you are indicted you can easily be looking at 50-100,000.00 or more in legal expenses even if in the end you are acquitted.

If you lose and have to appeal you could easily spend a million or more by the time the case goes all the way through the appeals process.

Call me crazy, I don’t think anyone should be forced into bankruptcy for actin in lawful self defense.


@Wildrose nailed it with his response - we are a membership organization that offers education, training, and legal protection.

I’d love to hear the details about what you’ve heard, @Jared2! Did you read this online?

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