#USCCA and #ResponsiblyarmedAmericans want #gunsafety2020

@KevinM and I were talking this week about all things social media. The anti-2A crowd has been using social messaging to their advantage. This last week, anti-2A groups have been using #gunsafety2020 and it has become the biggest trending hashtag for the week.

We want gun safety, right? :thinking: That’s something all responsibly armed Americans can agree with - safe and responsible gun handling and use.

Here’s the BIG difference with how we view #gunsafety2020, we want people to get educated and trained. the anti-2A groups want gun control, not gun safety.

If you’ve got Instagram, please follow the USCCA there and share your training photos with #USCCA and #gunsafety2020.

If you don’t have Instagram and want to help share the gun safety message, drop your photos here and I’ll let the USCCA team know they can use your photos from this topic on the USCCA Instagram page or other social media with the #USCCA and #gunsafety2020 with your username or first name. (For example: Zee supports #gunsafety2020 and trains using #USCCA educational material [photo here])

Your weekend challenge: Use the #gunsafety2020 throughout social media or post at least 1 safety or training picture here that we can share showing how responsibly armed Americans value safety!


I will get some pics this week :smiley:

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