USCCA and carrying in a store that prohibits guns

Help me understand. It seems USCCA has more exclusions added over the years.

Is it my understanding that USCCA can deny you since you carried in a private entity that had the no gun sign up? Theater another example.

Help me on this. Others want to know. Thanks.


By the way, I am referencing using a firearm in a legit self defense situation say in a privately owned store with the no gun sign.


It depends on if the sign has the force of law in that jurisdiction. Even if it does, it would not necessarily be an exclusion per se. I would call USCCA directly and ask them about it. Have a nice evening


I am talking about Illinois.


Call 1-800-674-9779… 24-7-365 Friendly service and answers. :+1:

P.S. Then let us know what you find out. :slightly_smiling_face:


Incorrect. That is not an exclusion.

In fact, carrying a firearm where it is illegal under state law isn’t even itself an exclusion

There is an exclusion for use or possession of a firearm or weapon in violation of federal law., however.


Absolutely correct. The only exclusion is using a weapon that you are not allowed to posses/use under Federal law (illegal machine gun or a hand grenade as examples), all legal weapons and ALL places in ALL 50 states and territories you are covered for lawful self defense which is a different and separate charge from unlawful possession which is a BS state/county/town charge that usually gets thrown out or at least separated from you SD case on day one if your attorney is any good.

In any case to “break” a law in a criminal manner requires intent and even in NC which DOES recognize the right of an owner/manager to restrict carry by signage in places under their control the mere mention of “I didn’t see the sign” is enough to throw out any hint of a charge.


Good question.


In Oklahoma I believe the signs have no legal ramifications. If an owner of a private business asks you leave and you don’t then you could be arrested for trespass.


Costco (Albuquerque, NM) 2023
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It’s in the membership agreement.

Apparently, they’re ignorant of their own policies.

Also also, if the employees/manager ask you to leave, they don’t have to cite a policy, they can ask you to leave. They reserve the right to refuse service. Not leaving when asked is a good way to catch a trespass charge.

[I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice]