US Postal Service is secretly keeping tabs on Americans' social media posts as part of 'covert operations program'

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Now, isn’t that special! Everyone is keeping tabs on everyone. It’s how the Nazi’s got neighbors to turn on each other and ultimately destroy each other!
Glad I don’t do social media, however with all the gun porn and other related items that come in the mail, I’m sure they know everything about us! At this point, who cares?
Our country has been destroyed by violence and will continue on that path!


If people who know alcohol and tobacco are watching guns, tax collectors issue health insurance, then why shouldn’t post office catch online criminals. Perfectly soviet logic.


Based on how poorly the U.S. Postal Service does its job around these parts, it seems like everyone would be a lot better off if the USPS simply focused on delivering the mail.


Maybe its a good thing. Imagine someone competent in spying, like NSA, would eavesdrop on Americans… Oh, wait


On the other hand, given how bad the USPS is at doing what they ostensibly do know, maybe we shouldn’t be worried about this at all (except for the wasted tax dollars).


It’s obviously not very covert!
They only have one job, (no offense to any mail carrier, it’s not your fault, I don’t think!) deliver the mail in a timely fashion, to the correct address!
Now they want to take on the spying business. Soon they’ll be building gas chambers and changing their uniform colors! Nothing will surprise me during the next four excruciating years of our lives!
Orwell was a love story compared to now, the only cool thing, is we are living it. I started saving tid bits of information pertaining to the last 5 years, because if I have to explain any of this to my great grandchildren, they are sure to have me committed! Surely I won’t be mailing it in!


Yet another reason to stay off social media. As if another reason is needed.


Yeah, as well as the USPS operates, and does so inefficiently, I dare say they couldn’t find water if they fell out of a boat. Just saying.


I guess the law inforcement arm of the usps has been around for awhile.looking for illegal packages. Drugs,bombs & such. But this is too much to be believed.

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Maybe it’s time for law enforcement to just stand down, we don’t need no stinkin’ law and order, let the chips fall where they may. There is no sense in any LEO’s leaving behind kids, wives, grandkids for a few politicians that don’t back them up.

Hahaha jeez don’t know why I’m laughing, if I had any sense it would make me all misty eyed.