US District Court in CT: Gun Permit not Valid Cause for Arrest and Search


I hope Mr. Soukaneh gets a lot of money for the indignity and violations he suffered. If the actions occurred as they were presented in this article, the officer should be charged with assault and illegal detention.


I live 15 minutes from that craphole of a city. Cops probably never saw a permit before, and obviously responded like idiots.Sue Waterbury, I assume you get to keep their bankruptcy lawyers :laughing:…best thing about that city I’ve seen is thegunstorellc, and customer service at the Home Depot there…
Pretty good numbers for such an anti 2a state. :roll_eyes:

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just remembered an incident, recalling the craphole that Waterbury is, how someone went to use the drinking fountain at City Hall, and no water came out. Thieves had stolen all the copper plumbing out of the basement :rofl:

This is why qualified immunity must end. The officers should be responsible to know the law and pay for his/her own mistakes/crimes.

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