Union Pacific Big Boy rescues a stalled freight train

I know that some of my good friends over the years who are gun hobbyists also tend to enjoy crazy and interesting machinery, including old steam engines, so i figured I’d share this video here.

I ran across this video of the UP Big Boy pushing a stalled diesel train out of the way somewhere in Nebraska. I don’t know a ton about locomotives, but I understand its one of the biggest ever made. I thought the part at around 9:00 was pretty cool when they start getting slippage from some of the wheels. It shows how hard the engine was actually pushing. I did a little reading and found that the diesel engine in its train is there only for modern electronic train management and as a back up if something goes wrong with the steam engine, but it’s not normally providing motive power. Thats all comong from the huge steam engine.


I didn’t think R&Rs had steam engines in service anymore. Do you know how old the video is.


The video is brand new. From my little bit of reading I did, UP took the last Big Boy out of service in 1961. 25 were ever built, but only 8 remain un-scrapped, and this is the only operational one.

UP did a complete tear down of this one with a ground up restiration about 5 years ago. They converted it to oil burning, and added modern elecronic location and traffic management that all modern trains are required to have, and now use it on exhibition tours and excursions. In this case, it happened to be in the vicinity of a huge stalled train, so rather than wait for more diesel engines, the steam crew offered to help and had no trouble pushing the big train out of the way. I believe Union Pacific has one other operational steam engine that gets similar use.


I see it all the time on rail fan. We watch trains and the Big Boy is just one of the reasons why. There is a good amount of steam engines out and about that you can still experience by riding them too. Ely, Nevada, Grand Canyon, Elbe, Washington on the way to Mount Rainier have them going.


I rode the one in WA.


This is like something straight out of the old Thomas the Tank Engine stories.


Steam locomotives are like 1911’s, their timeless design keeps on going!


I like this video of the big boy


You aren’t a foamer are you Todd? Funny, the engineer sticking his head out reminds me of what a dog does while riding in a car.

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What is a foamer? I know what a henway is?

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My understanding is that a foamer is a train junkie of the utmost kind.


I am goin to ride a train again before I die I rode on one in cripple creek Colorado and it was steem engine way kool I love thains when I AM not waiting for one to go by you have to what on them to go KAZ they stopped all traffic

I use to count the train cars going by and we would try to see who got the right number KAZ we would have counted the same amount of cars !! And that was what we did for fun before A,I, and video games I can remember when we got our first color T,V, and we had two Chanel’s if I held the antina rabbit ears just rite and when we got a phone in the house just wondering if we were going to have to eat the dog KAZ we were hungry I am not joking the NABORS dog was not so Lucky :four_leaf_clover: got mustard Bobby Jean

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I remember those days too! Except dad would say, Boys! If ya want dinner yah better go catch some fish!
We would go fishing and bring home dinner.