Undercover Boss: Shreveport Louisiana's Mayor Goes Undercover

My hometown is broadcasted on CBS nationally. Mayor, Adrian Perkins who is a bronze star recipient and Harvard Law School graduate takes the streets undercover.

Watch full episode here:
(Self-defense related)


Thanks for the share… Lived in Shreveport for 2 years… rough rough city…I liked the people though



Good to meet a past citizen of S’port! Are you Air Force ?

It’s horrible here now. But Mayor Perkins helped me one time with crime. Now im facing eviction over carrying a firearm and “frightening” my neighbors!


No. My Dad worked for General Motors there building s10 pickups…lol…dating myself… I always tell people that Shreveport was the first and last place I ever seen somebody wearing newspaper for clothes in real life…lol… Razorwire around the highschool as well…which was a shock because I was coming from Kokomo, Indiana where the highschool is one of the nicest in the country…This was 1997…I don’t know if it’s still like that …

I hope you don’t get evicted… Can they evict you for observing a legal right? Might check into tenant rights in that area. I bet something is in there to protect you from being evicted for that…


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Good show. Just watched it.

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