UN Taking Over

The report listed 8 such “Principles” and urged the removal of laws criminalizing the following:

  1. Contraception and acts harmful to unborn children, such as alcohol and drug use
  2. Obtaining, assisting in, or providing an abortion
  3. Sexual conduct with a consenting minor and same-sex relations
  4. Prostitution or “sex work”
  5. Obtaining, assisting in, or providing gender-affirming care
  6. Non-disclosure of HIV status resulting in another’s exposure to HIV
  7. Drug use, possession, purchase, or cultivation for personal use
  8. Begging, sleeping, cooking, washing, urinating, or defecating in public

They missed criminalizing MAPs


Nothing really surprises me anymore. We need to close the un and send the freeloaders packing. :unamused:


I know this place. It’s Sodom and Gomorrah! Anything we do now, is all talk!
If I were us, I’d duck!



I’m not a Christian man but I have read some of the Bible Stories. Your point is actually really scary. The similarities of today compared to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah are rather undeniable. My thought is, there won’t be a cataclysm but a slow painful death of this society. When as a society we are Forced by mans laws to not acknowledge the difference between men and women we have very little left.


It’s all going to eventually turn in The Hunger Games

Congress in 20 years.


And don’t look back.

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The UN is not “taking over.” The UN can’t even wipe its own butt. They can vote that the world is flat and everyone can only live in tents, it doesn’t matter what they say. They are irrelevant. It’s just a very expensive show to distract from the way the world really works.

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