Ultrasonic Recipes And Metal Cleaning

I’m new to ultrasonic cleaning - do any of you have tried-and-true, polymer-safe recipes for handguns? I’d like to think I can clean the bore as usual, scrub the action, dry them out with a cheapo hair dryer, and then immerse them. I use Palmolive “Ultra” sparingly for dishes, but I wonder if a diluted Dawn solution could also work well. In the past, I’ve used acetone to clean metal, but what about 91%, injection-quality isopropyl alcohol in a pinch? Firearms are precision-made machinery, and I like to keep them squeaky-clean.


You should be good with any diluted water soluable cleaner. Simple Green and Dawn are frequently used. You can also check Brownells for commercial offerings.


As a former aircraft engine component inspector, I’ll vouch for that isopropyl as a squeaky clean cleaner. I used it to remove machine oil and coolant mainly, but judging by the wipes, it was pulling unseen dirt off the parts as well.


I have simple green that I use!