UFO Stuff coming our way!

I cannot recall where “yellow book” (talking hoaxes and sci fi now) was mentioned 1st, maybe old Bob Lazar again. According to the mythos, the “yellow book” describes technology that can change reality and timeline.

You’re outside of my wheelhouse there. I’m not familiar with those theories. But Science seems pretty open to the idea of infinite universes. If we happen to “overlap” with one of those universes then some strange inter dimensional stuff is not outside the realm of possibility. Would explain the fact that these sightings can seem both there and not there at the same time.

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The short version of the government report seems to be “We don’t know.”
Which, of course, is the very definition of “Unidentified Flying Object.”

US government report finds no evidence UFOs were alien – but doesn’t rule it out | UFOs | The Guardian

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The Blaze has a good UFO article today.

A Mr. Rogers comment: “Can you say, ‘STONEWALL’, boys and girls?”

One of the most unexplainable topics is crop circles - especially the really large, intricate designs and patterns you can see in photos.



I’m going to close out my comments on UFO-related subjects with the most chilling - animal mutilations - especially really large animals that have been found wedged in trees, apparently dropped there from a considerable height. This and crop circles have been ongoing investigations over the years by Linda Moulton Howe.

I cannot imagine this being done intentionally by supposed superintelligent beings. Maybe more like an airplane flying into a flock of birds, not even aware they are there

It could be their teenage kids just messing with us;)

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There was an original Star Trek with a plot like that, unruly kid messing with Kirk.


Ok. So they don’t want to provoke anyone or it would have been done years ago. They gave us cell phones and tiktok so we quit watching the sky and quit taking fuzzy pictures
They probably will wait for Biden to enter the code (thinking he’s going to get an egg salad sandwich from the vending machine) to blow us all to kingdom come. Then they can just move in…

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Well, I’m convinced. Aliens have been visiting us for a long time. I just watched “Flying Objects: A State Secret”. I highly recommend everyone watch it.

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And waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

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Another story on EpochTimes, the head NASA dude says they are NOT optical illusions.

I’m tellin’ ya, they’re softening us up for the big reveal.

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That’s what the credible witnesses and former leaders said. They’re [the governments] slowly warming us up for a new reality.

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Here is another theory, it’s a video explaining that it may be just a secret US government project.

With alien technology, anything goes. A human made machine is not so lucky, it has to be ok by the college textbooks on physics, material science, medicine :frowning: Even if you spun a ring of liquid metal, and somehow managed to interact with Earth’s magnetic field and create lift - there is no cancelling inertia! There is no way to pull 5000 Gs and stay in one piece, let along have a pilot survive that.

That we, the general public, are aware of currently. We also, in the past, could not imagine surpassing the speed of sound, escaping Earth’s gravity, etc., etc.

This is not the same. People saw birds heavier than air flying, and bullets exceeding the speed of sound, etc. These are incremental barriers if you will. Now, we are talking about fundamental barriers. E.g., there is literally no material that can with stand 6000 degrees heat, there is nothing known to man that cancels inertia.
There are classified fields in mathematics (cryptography), material science, etc. Literally men in black will show up if you attempt to publish along these lines. It is unlikely you can keep fundamental research like this under tabs for long.