U.S. Postal Service warning users against sending checks through the mail

Has USPS tried cleaning own ranks and prosecuting thieves?


Nope…. Zero accountability and impossible to work with them. I’ve had things blatantly stolen by the local guys a few addresses ago. An example, packaging literally ripped and then stuffed into a plastic bag that said damaged during shipping. Of course the custom made Ruger grips in it are “missing”. Their attitude? Insurance claim.


People still send checks through the mail?
I thought they warned us to stop doing that years ago.


Many people send checks through the mail. They believe it is more secure and safer than providing their debit card or credit card information (over the phone or to a website) and don’t want to provide routing/account number for direct debit/ACH either.

Then they send it USPS without tracking or anything and it can take a long time to show up at the destination or just disappear in transit, or even get stolen and used fraudulently.

I don’t recommend sending checks through the mail. But, you can


Well yeah, I can send large amounts of cash through the mail, too, but I wouldn’t recommend it! :laughing:


It’s like asking,
Has Ef Bee Eye tried cleaning own ranks and prosecuting traitors?

Some companies still operate in the old world. A trash service I switched from, the end of last year, only sent bills by mail with no way to pay, but by mail. I would pay 12 months at a time.


I asked a fair question - supposedly, stealing from a federal or federally affiliated agency gets people in a lot of trouble. From not prosecuting shoplifters to not prosecuting mail thieves.
Are social security cards still sent by mail? They cost more than bank checks, I imagine.


Don’t worry, your mail-in-ballots are totally safe, NOT!


No worries, I’m not the one who sent in my mail-in ballot(s). :roll_eyes:


Double standard exists, only a complete overhaul could fix it.


I had a package opened and the contents stolen while it was at a USPS facility. Empty box was returned to me. They need to clean their own house. I would like to know what percentage of the thefts occur while the mail is in USPS custody.


Neither am I. I never even received the ones I requested, er… one? I requested… :sunglasses:


Now a day, every time our present communist government, warns us of something it makes me wonder why. Seems to me today with pens that can’t be “washed” from checks and banking security systems, it would be hard for people stealing checks to forge them. If anything, it would be more likely postal employees. This could be another crime this communist government is sanctioning to help further along their desire to impose the much sought after “digital currency” so they can completely control Americans purchases, from groceries, (too much red meat a month) to clothes, firearms, literature, prescriptions… I don’t know, call me a conspiracy theorist. Oh, wait, all our conspiracies have been proven true. :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy:

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I just don’t see how a check in the mail can be considered any kind of secure. It’s your name, your address, your bank’s routing number, your account number, all in one place.

And IME people just use whatever ink pen when they write a check, and those checks leading to forgeries, and not from the government sanctioning it, does happen.

It’s also very often an annoyance because the USPS is unreliable/slow, and mailboxes are not secure, and the check getting to where it needs to be can take awhile…and then it relies on fallible human beings to manually process it. It’s slow, inefficient, not secure…honestly it’s a thing of the past that we have evolved beyond.

While on the topic, IME, most credit and debit card numbers are stolen when people physically give control of the card to someone at a restaurant/etc, or when they fall for a scam fishing email and enter their info a fraud website (if you really want to be sure, independent of the email look up a contact phone number for the business and call them, or independently search up the website to nav to it yourself, not from the email)

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