U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit: Law banning gun sales to 18-20 yo Unconstitutional

There are some very interesting quotes in this article about today’s ruling:

What are your thoughts on this ruling?


Judge James A. Wynn Jr. Courts, he said, should defer to lawmakers.

What the heck??? IMHO, he is so incredibly wrong here. Courts, particularly on Constitutional matters, are there to insure lawmakers are abiding by The Constitution. Otherwise we’ll just have rogue legislators making up any rules they like without any checks or balances.

By Wynn’s guidance, what would stop a legislature from changing election laws, voting themselves 50 year terms with no recall elections permitted, for example? Should courts defer to that?

A lot of us here are old enough to remember when 18 year olds were given the right to vote in 1971 during the Vietnam war. The saying went “if they’re old enough to fight and die, they’re old enough to vote.” I think that same principle applies, and even more directly in this context. If an 18 year old is responsible enough to be issued a gun by the military, they’re responsible enough to buy a gun just like anyone else.


If legally an adult should be able to do adult things including being responsible.


At 18, a person can enlist and be issued a fully automatic rifle, and a HANDGUN sidearm. They should be able to buy these items as a civilian as well.



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I understand that an 18 year old is not (generally) as mature as a 21 year old. From the same perspective, you could say the same about a 21yo to a 25 yo to a 35 yo to an old goat like me.
From a legal perspective, my non-legal opinion is that when someone reaches the age of majority, they should have the same rights as everyone else over the age of majority. If that means you can buy guns and drink, along with voting and serving in the military, so be it. If that is not acceptable, then raise the age of majority to 21 and let a 18-20 yos be treated as juveniles across the board and when they turn 21, their Juvie records remain confidential.


There are TOO MANY ages of majority, we have 5-12 year olds that are allowed to pick their gender, 14 yo’s that don’t need parents permission for birth control, abortion etc. Can join the military at 18, can’t buy a pistol that you carry in the military till your 21, same for drinking. You can be on your parents health insurance till 26 if you are a college student. Now in VA if you can grow it you can smoke it no age restriction. Drivers license somewhere between 14 and up depending on the state. Too many carve outs, go back to the basics, pick an age call it done and at that age YOU are responsible for YOU.




The legal definition of “age of majority” is “the age at which a person attains full legal rights, especially civil and political rights such as the right to vote.” Blacks Law Dictionary There are others like “age of reason” or “age of criminal responsibility” where a person can distinguish right from wrong and be held responsible for a crime and then “age of discretion” which a person is able to consent and exercise other rights. The age of majority is 18 in all but 3 states, Alabama and Nebraska where it is 19 and Mississippi where it is 21.
I understand why certain ages have been selected to drive and drink alcohol, but should the law discriminate against those who have supposedly attained full legal rights? 12yo kids can have sex but an 18yo service member cannot purchase a pistol or a beer?