***tyrant alert*** cops show up at man's home for attending virginia gun rally --- red flag dry run


The only thing I will say is that he said too much. If they didnā€™t have a warrant, kindly ask them to leave.


I thought the same thing too, he did talk too much.


He may have talked too much, but when they start coming to our homes with tanks, guns and nice pressed uniforms, will that be the time to stand up for our God given constitutional rights? Obviously marching and protesting and speaking up for our rights DOES NOT work anymore.
So I saw Nancy Pelosi looking at airplanes in a peculiar manner does that make her a domestic terrorist. We should find out. Someone must have video of her at the airportā€¦


It is sad when the exercise of rights brings unconstitutional pressure to bear against the citizen.

He did tell the one to leave, but without a warrant, he should have simply said, I was enjoying a day in Richmond, and if you have no warrant and I violated no law, you will leave my property.


I was not aware that walking around was illegal, or taking photos of historic buildings was illegal.

That sounds very much like the Soviet Union or East Germany (German Democratic Republic) which was not very ā€˜Democraticā€™ā€¦ If you were seen taking photos in the wrong spot, you might be ā€˜disappearedā€™ and if you did not have your ā€˜papersā€™ to be authorized to walk or travel across town, you might be ā€˜disappearedā€™.

Have we allowed the US to decline that far?


Iā€™m all for the protection of our rights, but when you do something that may resemble ā€œsuspicious behaviorā€ you should expect to raise an eyebrow or two, it is then your moral responsibility to clarify any misunderstandings as we no longer live in a safe and secure society.

No one told him that what he did was illegal (as someone here suggested), that is a false statement and could be considered as fear mongering.

I wouldnā€™t walk into a bank with a ski mask onā€¦even if it is my constitutional right to do so. We have a responsibility to act accordingly along side of practicing our constitutional rights.


A people that surrender essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security - Benjamin Franklin

This raises the question, who decides what is suspicious, who decides what actions you are legally allowed and have a right to do rises to the level of suspicious.
Perhaps voting Democrat is suspicious, or perhaps walking through the park, or flying a kiteā€¦
It might sound facetious, but it is a valid question. Since the only thing that was done, according to what the officers said, was walking around and taking photosā€¦ what part of freedom and liberty do we consider being questioned for walking around in public.

We must be careful to not step over the line and become a police state and abridge rights.

By the way, there is a huge difference between walking into a bank with a ski mask on, particularly if the temperatures are above freezing, and considering in some states it is illegal to walk around in public with masks on that cover your face.

If I have done nothing wrong, I have committed no crime, and I am within my Constitutional rights, and the police arrive on my property to question me about my walking around, or taking photos, or simply standing and enjoying the day or perhaps being present while someone speaksā€¦ they will be told to leave,ā€¦ politely but told to leave.


Just to clarify, this fellow was at the capital grounds a couple days BEFORE the rally checking out the layout, egress points, etc. He scoped the layout and apparently took photos and such. This interview took place several days before the rally, the day after he checked out the grounds.

The fluorescent banner on the video is wrong. I watched this video several days before the rally took place. I might even have posted it in one of the Virginia threads.


And in Kentucky when you go to the Capital building, you have to go through a metal detector, unless you are carrying guns, then you are asked to step around them. Iā€™m sorry, I meant Guntucky!


He actually didnā€™t go inside the building from what I understand, just scoped out the outside grounds. But the PD there sure got nervous about it.


I may have missed this or replied already. Scanning over older threads.

When did walking around, enjoying the day, taking photos, looking at the architecture become illegal or unconstitutional.

Was he casing the place, checking the layout, doing advance surveillance and scouting, scoping the place out, or simply an American enjoying his freedom and liberty.

He went before the rally, and I thought the police arrived after the rally, but regardless of that, this is still America, or so I thought, and walking around is still legal.

We must be vigilant that we do not allow the nation to incrementally creep into a police state and our rights mysteriously revoked.