Two teenagers shoot at sheriff deputies

In Florida, A 12 and 14 year old brother and sister run away from a group home. Break into a house and find a AK-47 and Shotgun. Teens start shooting at officers and one yells, a famous saying from a video game. Shooting stops when 14 year old is injured by deputies returning fire.
Home owner tells officers he had the two firearms hidden in 2 different places in the house.
Hiding firearms does not make them safe from bad people.
Lock them up in away others cannot aquire them and make matters worse for everyone.


At this rate, we’re going to run out of stupid prizes before those playing stupid games get a clue.


Another reason for the removal of lifelike 1st person shooter games. One of our more ridiculous ideas for games for children.


Teach your children what’s real & what’s not. Put the blame where it belongs.

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Thank you.

And this was after they broke out of the group home they were in after their foster family said they were too violent…
Can you say “Multiple System Failure”?

Awhile back in time had a couple of young relitives that were running amok. Sent to social workers & group homes. Spoke with social workers. No help there just letting them do whatever & as for group homes I’ve seen they’re dung houses which are depressing & horribly run. This was a long time ago & honestly don’t know if their any better today.

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