Two Remarkable Evildoers

If you’re curious, look up Richard (“The Iceman”) Kuklinski and Ken McElroy. Kuklinski was a mafia killer-for-hire, but McElroy was a real piece of work, terrorizing his hometown in MO, and the subject of a book, 60 Minutes episode, and a made-for- tv movie starring Brian Dennehy. Too date, no one has id’d his killers, and at least 3 bullets from 3 different rifles were taken after he was killed in his pickup. FYI - Kurt

My wife and I were or are true crime buffs and Ken McElroy was one of our favorite cases because of the outcome. McElroy was of the lowest form of human I may have ever read about. I am surprised someone hadn’t taken his life well before he was killed.

I believe the whole town was complicit in his demise and had premeditated how it was to be done. That one time McElroy wouldn’t escape justice. It was amazing so many were together hiding during the shooting but as long as everyone stuck to their story no one can say who shot him. Or how the house he lived in might have caught fire.

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Not familiar with the second one, but I remember watching an HBO documentary on “The Iceman” in the early '90’s.

It had a lot of interviews with him - from prison of course. I still remember several one liner’s; to explain why he had zero remorse: “They were all bad people”. He was putting his kid’s Christmas toys together, watching the news showing the murder he had just committed, and “thinking, why do they make these toys so hard to put together?”

I never looked thru a peep hole in a door after watching that documentary. He used the light going dark on the peep hole to know his target was in front of the door - bang! right thru the door, easy job!

You have to look McElroy up - unlike Kuklinski, who was mafia - McElroy had the same lack of fear, and buffaloed a whole town! He was the epitome of the old western saying, “Some people just plain need killin’.”