TV Western Rigs

Just for a hoot, I found some companies who offer replicas of the Paladin and Josh Randall gunbelts, If you’re a collector and have $$ to burn. The mare’s leg may or may not come with non-firing replicas, but they do come with .45-70 dummies like the original, for the more intimidating appearance in the series that was wanted. The Paladin rig might be available for other than the full-size Colt SA it was made for. Old West Trading Post is one site to start shopping. FYI

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Thank you for this information. I’ve been looking for a Josh Randall gun belt for ages.

I have been contemplating a “cowboy” type setup for my Ruger Blackhawk. This guy has some more in my price range. Cowboy Action : Don Hume Leathergoods, Simply the Best!

I have bought several leather items from this place, quality is great, especially for the price.

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