Turn and Face "Attack" Targets

OK - so the targets don’t “attack” but you can definitely use the turn and face option of the targeting system at some ranges to simulate an attacker. While you still have some anticipation of the “attack”, you don’t necessarily know when it’s going to turn for you to shoot.

This company’s video illustrates the type of target movement I’m referring to for the turn and face attack target:

from this page: Automatic, Animated Targets at Eagle Gun Range | Eagle Gun Range Inc.

(This is not meant to be an endorsement of the range or the exact targeting system.)

Have you used these types of targeting systems? What type of training simulations could you practice with this type of system?


That would be some great training! Not only would you get to work on the “shoot, don’t shoot” aspect, but also it adds a level of stress to your training that you just don’t get with shooting at stationary targets.
Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

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