Tucker Carlson on our civil rights being gutted due to Capitol Hill rioting

I would be agreeable to any legislation on bearing arms, a fundamental right, that would pass the Strict Scrutiny Test required for all other fundamental rights. To pass strict scrutiny, the legislature must have passed the law to further a “compelling governmental interest,” and must have narrowly tailored the law to achieve that interest.
Most laws attempted to be passed that fall under strict scrutiny fail Constitutional muster.


Thanks! have a bless day.

Very good point. Thanks for asking for the clarification.

From what I’ve read/seen on a variety of news sources, people are being investigated for terrorist charges.

Everyone, please remember that tensions are high due to the uncertain times we live in. If something someone says sounds off, please ask for clarification (like Harvey did) so that we can continue to have productive conversations here.

We won’t all agree on everything, but I think we can all agree that we want to best protect ourselves and our loved ones.


I’m going to drop this story here, because I’m not sure where else it fits.
PBS lawyer seen on video calling for children of Republicans to be put in reducation camps (msn.com)

You can take this one of two ways.

  1. OMG, this is exactly what we were afraid of, the Commies are coming for our kids!
  2. This guy got fired, which shows that nutjobs on both sides of the aisle are being cancelled.
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I hope we’re not going to equate “fired” with “canceled.” They are not the same thing.


Not all nuts are available in only the nut aisle at the grocer. This rings a lot like the opposite of freedom to me.

Coming soon to a location near you…

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PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller stated “Americans are so f—ing dumb. You know, most people are dumb.” PBS has fired Michael Beller, a mid-level staff attorney. Apparently he is one of the “so f—ing dumb” he was ranting about.

I will admit, there are days I feel the same way. But I’ve never once thought that political kidnapping nor “re-education camps” were a good idea. Kind of scary that this guy was anywhere near Sesame Street. :astonished:

MIB person people

I have been listening to NPR for years, as I have listened to many sources across the spectrum. The last few weeks I have been embarassed by the opinion laced “news” that has been delivered by them. I’ve never heard their people say such things. Using words like, “obviously” and “everyone knows that isn’t true” and so many other NOT unbiased news reporting. How did this happen almost overnight?

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“You know her, don’t you?”
“Yes. She’s my daughter.”
“Your daughter’s a terrorist!”
“No. I don’t know why she was at that demonstration.”

It cannot happen here. C’mon man!


My last time listening to NPR was maybe 15 years ago. I guess my threshold for tolerating bias and hypocrisy is lower than yours, but I assure you this did not happen to NPR overnight.

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This is pretty bad, and apparently they already took some children and re-educated them.

We are WAY off-topic in this thread. The conversation has gone outside of the Community scope of physical self-defense and firearm training.

While we understand that this is a very frustrating time for many, there are better forums for these types of political conversations.