Trying to Change a Gun Free Park

So, a local city park is posted ‘gun free’. I would like to try to change this to at least CHL allowed. Anyone tried this before? I am looking into who at City Hall would be in charge, and will gather my info and facts and try to meet with them.

Just gathering my ‘ammo’ so to speak before I actually try to talk to anyone.


Never heard of such a thing. Guess alderman 1st & then mayor. Good luck


Where do they post that? On a tree?

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Good luck with this…
In Chicago area…additionally to “gun free” there are “speed cameras” next to every single park… Looks we have “the safest places on Earth”… :zipper_mouth_face:


On a sign clearly visible at the entrance. You have to pay to get in, so only one way in and out.

Never seen anything like that. Except the dog park is fenced in & pay a yearly fee.

The first step has been taken, Congratulations.
I am sure you will have your facts in order and present them to the lowest common denominator.

Carry on and fight the fight for rights under the Consitution.