Try and Get Gas Lately?

I’m not sure I would follow the same course of action as this gentleman, but dang I sure do admire his grit…

(warning, foul language by “protestors”)


Comedy with the Happy Ending…

the best part of that video:

… IT’S A BIRD, IT’S A PLANE, IT’S SUPERMAN… :man_facepalming:


I would have done the same as he did. Keep moving forward until they moved. Then when they got in my face I would have asked them what it all was about. And try to talk to them peacefully. and also give my views as well. But if things got out of hand I WOULD DEFEND MYSELF BY WHATEVER MEANS I NEEDED TO. NO MATTER WHAT IT WAS.

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Ballsy, but stupid! Was that Clint Eastwood p?
Was that peaceful protesting? A picket line?
They are seriously asking for it! And someone may just give them what they want. They better be careful about what they wish for! Disparity of Force! All is fair in love and war!

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Yeah, but that’s sort of the point, we’re not at war right now. Also remember we don’t want to be the one escalating violence (which I don’t think he did in this case).

I would not have considered the protestors peaceful as they were blocking a road/business they were not legally entitled to do.

And it wasn’t Clint Eastwood, but they definitely went to the same school…and it was the Old School… :slight_smile:

It could have taken a split second for him to die!
With all due respect, we are at war. I know I’m speaking emotionally, but our freedoms have been taken away and I feel like a prisoner in my own country! That poor guy that got his head bashed in didn’t escalate things, he sat there til his head got creamed, if that ain’t war I don’t know what is! IMHO


I feel ya brother, and I’m not trying to tell you what to do…but maybe taking a step back and trying to some of the emotion out of it might help.

Who are we at war with? BLM, ANTIFA, the Media, Blacks, non-Christians, liberals, other? And who are we? The NRA, USCCA, 3percenters, Whites, Christians, conservatives, other?

And I might agree that there’s a cultural war going on with different ideas going head to head but we’ve probably been at that since the 60’s…but I think/hope the violence is not representative of this war of ideas.

That’s just my take on it, but I would like a little bit more definition on parties, battlefield and ROEs before I call this a war.

But I do feel you on conservative ideas on freedoms being attacked. But we fight back with words and votes and ironically the occasional protest/rally. lol.

Oh…and yep driver could have been killed in a split sec…no dobut…again that’s why I posted I don’t think I would have taken his course of action. But you gotta smile that the man made it through unscathed.

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Yes!!! We are at war!!! Our entire country is at war with this next election!!! If we lose this next election, we will lose our country!!! :anguished: Yes!!! I am taking it that seriously!!!


I think that is the strategy for a socialist “open society” take over. Pit people against each other and let the chaos reign. Our republic collapses. Maybe George Soros or one of his techno-elites over at Google/Facebook could log in and comment.


I don’t see the problem.
Cucumbers will leave you with all the gas you could possible want,
If you actually want gas :rofl:


It may be hard to put a finger on who we are fighting but there is a problem when we can say peaceful protest and then see a bill for the destruction of between 1.4 and 2 billion dollars. My niece cannot go into Portland after dark. My sister has a find new ways to get to work bypassing Cap Hill in Seattle. The peaceful protesters have tried to set more than one building on fire with people locked inside. People are being accosted at dinner in DC for not giving the communist solute. People are being stopped and dragged out of their cars and sometimes kicked into unconsciousness.

We are those that just want to be left alone and that will not allow our loved ones to be dragged out of our car or truck or for masses of people that force their way onto our property to shout at and threaten our children. I can tell you this from what I see. Ammo is flying off of the shelf. Sporting goods stores are almost out of guns. This is different than the 60s. I don’t know why but it seems more threatening. Right now our enemy wears Black Shirts with the mixed emblem of Anarchy and Communism on their hat,shirt shield or it says BLM.

I don’t remember losing a friend or family member because of politics or ideology in the 60s. Except maybe to dope and crimes relating to it. But there are people I have known for years that I can no longer stand to be around because they believe in their heart don’t see anything wrong with setting a building full of police on fire in Seattle and again in Portland. And yes I have talked to people like that.


The sixties were a pice of cake and at least we got some great music and art out of it. There is no culture in today’s society and I use society lightly!


He “tried to kill them” at about 2 - 3 mph? Highly unlikely. Wondering if there were any other gas stations that the gentleman could could have gone to, might he have avoided this unnecessary verbal assault? Geez. I must reiterate two wise quotes:

"Judge not a man by the color of his skin, but by the character of his heart.

“The best fights are the ones avoided.”

In my humble assessment, the gentleman simply needed gas. My pet tortoise (just kidding, I don’t have one) could’ve walked faster than he was driving!

I sighed… enough is enough.


Yesterday, We didn’t even have gas in the gas-pumps anywhere!!!

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Hurricanes Randall, Hurricanes. Not the Tasty Pat O’s kind either.

No matter how much gas I have I stop and fill up before I go home.


That man has brass balls. Not so much for rolling through the crowd but for stopping and filling up while they surrounded him.
I won’t say he was wrong but, unless I was in dire need of fuel, I probably would have rolled past.
I feel for the station too! How much business drove past because it’s just not worth it.


I particularly like the feigned outrage over the driver doing what he is allowed to do. From what I remember you can’t block access to a business by blocking it’s driveways.


You cannot legally… but we all have seen and know what’s going on.