Trump hater orders man to remove MAGA hat; he refuses. So Trump hater makes


Came out OK for Wyoming. Probably would in my home state of MO, but try that in NY or CA and the outcome would be far different. I don’t think I would have pulled my weapon but I wasn’t there to see/feel whether or not I was in physical danger. I certainly would not IF I suspected the “idiot” was simply going to knock my cap off (Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to draw, I don’t think I would of). Its really easy to be an “armchair quarterback” on these articles.


Aye, and it was here that I came to realize: Know your State and Local Laws and Regulations… (for they can often boil ye little froggie before you realize you’re in hot water!)

Where just about everyone you and I may know would consider the display and readiness to self defense, …who calls Law Enforcement first can guide the initial 10 minutes you are explaining why you weren’t “brandishing” (illegal) but defending yourself from assault (most times legal) and if in the ‘wrong’ state creating a threat to bystander(s) (illegal and possibly multiple counts!)

Best to have a nice coffee with your Defense Attorney of choice and have this as one of your many questions!

Thanks @RocketPak you often bring very good topics to the board! Most Appreciated!

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@EDC_always this actually happened in PA… and it sounds like their sheriff did it right.