Trump exposing US to terrorist attacks

I agree Proton (damn I love that moniker!)

When the Country wasn’t Corrupt
When the Elite’s didn’t buy every Senator an Congressperson
When there were (2) Agencies to protect US:
FEEbies (Domestic)
We did ok
Reason and Justice wasn’t always smooth and consistent
But it worked! Bad people were put away or terminated
Good People Lived their Lives!
But we did ok.
This Spying, Lawfare, Soft on Crime, Invasion (for votes and Innocents Deaths is BS!)
All they do now is Scheme on how to disarm, Take our God given Rights away
Destroy the Constitution (It’s not up for debate or change!)
They have gotten too Big for their britches!
Their efforts to Control, Kill us has gotten out of control

And it’s all Trumps fault!
These Buffoons have let in (13) million Invaders (sorry you don’t like that term—
THE TRUTH HURTS! ) Trump is under attack because he is WINNING and the Puddin’ is running scared.
Please get some help. Posting this just makes you look bad

Is your life better now than (4) years ago?
Don’t answer until you come up with the TRUTH!


how can they help biden opened the borders for anybody and everybody


@James1466 Welcome to the community!

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