Trump exposing US to terrorist attacks

Republican senators are warning that the nation’s spy program is about to go “dark” and that much of the intelligence that goes into President Biden’s daily briefing could be lost, putting the nation at risk for surprise attacks.

“I’m very disappointed in President Trump’s assessment of FISA. It is an essential tool. It may need to be amended but it is absolutely essential, as everyone in the intelligence community will tell you,” said Sen. Susan Collins, a senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chair Marco Rubio warned that failure to pass the bill would cripple the nation’s intelligence gathering.

“If we can’t spy on foreign terrorists and foreign spies overseas, we’re out of the intelligence business,” he said.

“I know that for President Trump much of what happens in the world, in his mind, revolves around him, but FISA is actually designed to prevent another 9/11 or worse, and it’s been used extensively by our law enforcement to protect Americans. And if FISA were eliminated, American lives are going to be lost,” Romney said







From what I read, even if it happens, it takes a year or more for it to actually happen…so nothing will change.


FISA is a system that not only allows us to spy on foreign threats, but it also allows spying on U.S. citizens through that same system. Like a lot of other programs that started as a good thing, it has evolved into something that is not so good. Example … If a U.S. agency wants to spy on a U.S. citizen, all they have to do is find a foreigner that is in contact with the U.S. citizen they want to spy on, tap the foreigners phone and then listen to the calls that include the U.S. citizen. They work the system backwards and spy on any U.S. citizen they want. FISA needs to be completely rewritten to protect law abiding U.S. citizens.


@JimL Already posted yesterday. :roll_eyes:

Speaker Johnson’s Woes Grow After GOP Holdouts Block Spying Bill (


Hmmm… Just like they did Prez. Trump. :thinking:


I have no problem with FISA IF it was being used the way it was supposed to be used. But over 278,000 uses of it being abused, without warrants and being used against law abiding citizens, that I have a problem with. FISA is being abused and until processes and procedures for it being used correctly are in place FISA needs to be heavily monitored.

Edit: I completely agree with Senator Josh Hawley. The FBI has abused that system and can not be trusted to use it without some responsible adults in the room. That has been the problem with FISA and the Patriot Act. They have been weaponized, unjustly, against American Citizens.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
Benjamin Franklin


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This is why i have trust issues… the government no long actually gives a ■■■■ about the people or our rights



House passes FISA reauthorization bill after previous GOP setback (

The House on Friday voted to reauthorize a key U.S. spy program considered crucial to national security.

In a 273 to 147 vote, lawmakers renewed Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which is set to expire on April 19, through 2026.

It won’t head to the Senate right away.

Right after the House passed the FISA bill, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., objected to its passage. Luna requested a vote on the motion to reconsider the legislation. That means the FISA bill will not be able to head to the Senate yet until after the House votes to table the motion to reconsider the vote next week.

Section 702 allows the U.S. government to collect electronic communications of non-Americans located outside the country without a warrant. It came under scrutiny among some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and civil liberties groups because it sometimes results in the collection of data on Americans who are in contact with those surveilled individuals.

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An amendment was offered to add a warrant requirement to see data from Americans, but it narrowly failed in a 212 to 212 vote.

The measure was supported by far-right Republicans and progressive Democrats, who argued it was necessary to protect Americans’ privacy. The White House and intelligence officials, however, warned such a requirement would cripple the program and leave the U.S. “blind” to intelligence used to identify terrorist threats and other risks to national security.


That’s all I need to know.


Behind closed doors, in secret courts by secret agents and secret judges. No over sight, no accountability. The FBI has proven they CAN NOT BE TRUSTED, they have pretty much turned into political hacks.
This Comrades is another example of Power Once Acquired is Seldom Lost. National security or not, the Government should never have this kind of secret hidden unbridled authority to spy on US Citizens.


Please explain how Trump has anything to do with what Congress is doing? He is not part of our government, and definitely not in Congress. Anything that goes against our rights protected by the 4th Amendment is unconstitutional - the FISA bill does exactly that; just like the ATF is against our Second Amendment protections from government infringing on our RKBA.


Sadly, that is the state of affairs in “our” government these days.


Mitt who?
The republicans became traitors today and speaker johnson was the tie-breaker vote to continue giving the american stasi (FBI) the ability to violate our 4th amendment rights with impunity. We all know they have, and will continue to use warrantless searches against the right. buy ammo .


They are just desperate to blame anything and everything on Trump. It’s pathetic.


He apparently put out a call to his political allies in Congress to try and derail the reauthorization.

I’m no Trump fan. I’m also fairly confident that he wouldn’t have any real issues with the FISA abuse if it hadn’t been weaponized against him for political purposes by his opposition. But I fully support his efforts to stop the 4th amendment violations being conducted against US citizens under the guise of national security interests regardless of his motives.


FISA has done absulotely nothing to secure this nation, and in fact has been proven to have been weaponised against the very citizens it was suppose to support. FISA, and the Patriot Act, need to go away. That slimy little gits like Romney and Rubio say we need it is reason alone to run away screaming.
Post 9-11 agencies have swelled to monstrous proportions and have been found time and again spying on their own citizens, manipulating free speech, suppressing civil rights, and engaging in propaganda warfare on their own country.

Defund them and start over.