True Story: Legal Aftermath

I’ve lost count of the number of times a keyboard warrior has said that if shoot in your self-defense you’ll never be arrested/tried/convicted. Unfortunately, it happens. Billy Cowart is just one case where someone had to defend themselves legally after a physical self-defense incident. And that legal defense doesn’t always go smoothly.

How long are you willing to fight to clear your name? Are you prepared for how much the legal battle can damage your finances and reputation?


Considering the jurisdiction and the facts of the case I’d say he’s a very fortunate man.

IS he a USCCA member?

All of the advantage is on the side of the state, they have unlimited resources and most people will be bankrupted in a case like this before they ever even get to trial.

Zimmerman was already out more than a million dollars in legal fees before his trial even began. No “average Joe or Jane” has that kind of money to fight.

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I’m a USCCA member because, it is highly likely that I would at least take a chauffeured ride to the grey bar motel, if I’m involved in a self defense incident. I may be released after questioning m but, I’m not willing to bet my kids college fund on that.