True Story: Legal Aftermath

I’ve lost count of the number of times a keyboard warrior has said that if shoot in your self-defense you’ll never be arrested/tried/convicted. Unfortunately, it happens. Billy Cowart is just one case where someone had to defend themselves legally after a physical self-defense incident. And that legal defense doesn’t always go smoothly.

How long are you willing to fight to clear your name? Are you prepared for how much the legal battle can damage your finances and reputation?


Considering the jurisdiction and the facts of the case I’d say he’s a very fortunate man.

IS he a USCCA member?

All of the advantage is on the side of the state, they have unlimited resources and most people will be bankrupted in a case like this before they ever even get to trial.

Zimmerman was already out more than a million dollars in legal fees before his trial even began. No “average Joe or Jane” has that kind of money to fight.

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I’m a USCCA member because, it is highly likely that I would at least take a chauffeured ride to the grey bar motel, if I’m involved in a self defense incident. I may be released after questioning m but, I’m not willing to bet my kids college fund on that.


I had to eat a diminished charge so I know what it is to almost have the stain of a felony on my record
Short story, two guys accost me I’m positioned in such a way as I have my back to a wall and they are literally blocking my way to retreat I did everything to deescalate the situation even appealed to one of the gentlemen to ask the other to sit in his to cool off, only to have the one become emboldened by his friends rebuff of my request it did not happen fast as this was no shooting it was two against one me and I was afraid I would get hurt. I’m a disabled vet and these young men are half my age in their prime and agitated he lunged forward , I deflected his attack and his friend did the same he was deflected also one grabbed my leg and I thought I’m going to die I moved him toward the glass of the store front and pinned him there his friend step back toward the curb and slipped on the curbing then tripped on the parking block a sickening thud was heard I saw the guy sprawled out I said help your friend and let him go as I was holding him so he would not swing on me. We left the scene as police were called they contacted me later that night to talk they had my number from the asst.manager I used to work where the incident occurred. No out come after police contact, 1 yr later I go back to old job to get gas and I’m arrested there’s a warrant for my arrest and the whole 9 I found out it strange that they had my number and I went to my store several times. They wanted to charge me with attempted murder assault with intent to do grave bodily harm. It was bs and I said I refuse to have this kind of charge because I won’t be able to work any job with felony assault charges. I stayed vigilant and they took my military career into consideration and made it a misdemeanor assault sorry for all the words I was able to own guns and eventually secured a ccw in my new state. Fight for you character it’s not a game a simple thing like a slip can change your life for the worse. Thank you for reading