True Stories In the News: Disparity of Force?

Yup, on my recent trip to TN I ate at a Waffle House. So when I saw this article, I thought it was very interesting that there are so many altercations need Waffle Houses. I never understand the need to fight when there’s bacon nearby!

I am kidding! I never really understand the need to fight in general - let’s be adults and figure out the issues and address them rationally, but that’s my opinion.

There may be times when you have to defend yourself physically when you’ve tried everything else to deescalate the situation - including trying to walk away.

What did this guy do right for his physical self-defense?

It’s always the Waffle House!

Some folks just don’t know how to walk away, call it ego or pride or stupidity, what ever it is it always gets them in trouble.

Had an incident tonight at the dog park. Guy with a husky had zero control over his dog. Buddy was playing and having a good time with other dogs when his dog decided he was going to show Buddy he was the king of the park. I called Buddy off a few times, but this guys dog kept coming and he kept ignoring it. Guy finally leashed his dog, I took Buddy to a far away bench, put his harness and leash on to leave when the dude let his dog off the leash. Guess who he beelined to?

I yelled at the guy to come get his dog and to be a responsible dog owner, he apparently didn’t like that. As he was going to leash his dog up he decided a sucker punch was in order. Unfortunately for him Buddy wasn’t having it (remember what I said in a previous post about Buddy being all business when his harness is on), he’s very lucky I had Buddy on the short work leash, had control of him, and he listens when called off. Otherwise he’d have experienced the power of the Belgian Malinois bite.

Guy threatened to call the police, luckily every dog owner in the park let him know they sided with me. I didn’t know this, but his dog was attacking other dogs all night causing people to leave.

Some people make it impossible to deescalate.


He attempted to get some space between himself and the group by walking away. It reminds me how the tough guy comes out when the pack mentality takes over and it’s best to keep moving or go elsewhere.


@BrophE seriously… he tried to punch you? :dizzy_face:
Dang! And good on your dog!
Yeah, some people are a fight just looking for a place to happen.
With @KenM on the story… walk away if you can.

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Trying to walk away was the second smartest thing he did that day. The smartest was carrying his gun.


I don’t go to dog parks for that very reason. My dogs are very playful and friendly, but I’ve seen other dogs who are super aggressive or who’s owner doesn’t pay any attention to them. I’d rather stay home and play fetch with the doggos than deal with what you experienced.

Granted, my pit bull decided to be social when I let her out this morning and took off after a dog on a leash. Sniffed and licked the other dog - other dog owner was pissed. She’s well trained but still super excitable so it took me going out in my robe to get her. I was not happy. We will be doubling our training efforts for the next couple of weeks to get her back to where she listens the first time. (We were on vaca and she had very loving dog sitters and now thinks she can get away with everything… sorry Harley, not gonna happen!)

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Buddy has a standing 8pm date with Moo the 2-year-old Pit. They don’t sniff butts, they lick each other’s tongues, strangest thing I’ve seen.

You’re right though @Dawn, people assume because their dog is friendly with one dog he/she is going to be friendly with all dogs.

This is pretty accurate except for the wagging tail, a wagging tail doesn’t always mean happy. Learn the signs, learn your dog. When the hackles go up, there’s trouble on the horizon.


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Yeah @Zee, he made that mistake which I’m sure he’ll think twice about the next time. This kid and his dog were definitely a fight looking to happen.

I’ve never been a fighter, I prefer to walk away. In all my many years I’ve only been in one fight and that was 50 years ago.


My dogs lick each other’s mouths - it’s kinda gross. :woozy_face:

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No doubt on walking away. I don’t have that problem I don’t have anything to prove.

It’s usually the “that one guy” in the bunch that is the instigator that gets the mob fired up.