TRUE FUNNY REAL STORIES - long story with a twist

JARHEAD term , from what I have heard is that Marines are told what they need to know and the information is put in our head and we believe it. Thus put information in the jar and screw it back on. Tell a Marine they can’t and they will try to show you wrong. Tell a Marine that there are no races in the Marine Corps, that there is only dark green to bright green Marines and we believe it.


@Todd30 >>> good answer >>> there are more answers<<<< I’m going to let
More answers come in. There’s more.

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@Todd30 ’s story reminded me of a bear story. I did several years of wildlife research so have a lot of bear stories but this one isn’t work related.

My housemate and I were cleaning our cabin which was in a neighborhood of homes and cabins not far from forest service land. She had let her dog out back to use the bathroom and then put a couple of trash bags out the front door to take to the garbage bin after she collected one more. A minute or so later we hear rustling in the garbage bags so she runs to the door swings it open and starts yelling her dogs name. I hear here stop mid name and the door slam closed so I go to see what is going on. No ruined pants but she is standing there white as a ghost and all she can say is “big bear”. Which is what she saw looking straight at her from a couple feet away when she opened the door.

Fortunately the slammed door scared the bear away.


So it is early here and I may not be awake enough to understand the which one is Blacky game. I know your not Robert Culp or Bill Cosby as both of them have limited internet access at the moment.

So is this a guess which race is our real USCCA blacky? Just want to make sure I’m playing the right game before I risk offending anyone.


@Shamrock - the twist is = people come before color. We can all be on the same
Side. Also things have gotten so bad people are afraid to express their feelings
even in a constructive way. Color doesn’t mater, it’s what’s under the hood that
Counts. ( of course I’m not Robert or Bill ) Thanks, got to work on a rifle now, catch you later.


Agree that it’s what inside that counts.

It is a shame that many people can’t have constructive conversations anymore unless the people they converse with completely agree with them, which isn’t really constructive at all. Confirmation bias echo chambers and cancel culture mobs seem to be the preferred mode of communication at the moment. Until people with differing opinions start working together we are all stuck with half baked solutions that don’t work well for anyone. But all things come to pass. Sooner or later the tide will turn even if it takes a tsunami to make it happen.


@Shamrock >>>> well put >>>> thanks… Me and Zac use to laugh so hard our ribs
would hurt for days. If you want to see who BLACY IS, not that it matters see



@Shamrock >>>>> YES <<<<

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DOUBLE TROUBLE >>>> a little funny >>>
I was deer hunting in Vermont, jumped a deer and, after trying to stalk it I got turned around, (lost ) I forgot to take my compass. I came out on a logging road and followed it till I saw a familiar landmark. The sun had come up the snow had melted except the logging road had snowy slush. I was dressed very warm and I wrapped my jumpsuit around my waist and I couldn’t wait until I got back to the cabin to have a nice cold beer. As I was walking on the logging road I kicked some thing that turned out to be a can of beer that must’ve fallen off a snowmobile. The beer was ice cold, it was the best beer I ever had. When I finally got back to the cabin my hunting buddies told me that the people that sold us the land that we built our cabin on didn’t even on the land that we bought on a quick claim deed. We had to pay for the land again to the rightful owner. We were afraid to confront the bogus sellers because they would’ve burn the camp down.
( The moral of the story is don’t go in the woods without your compass and be careful of quick claim deed‘s ) THE END>>>

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I have no clue about who blacky refers to. But my first pet dog I remember was called Blacky because he was black.

As far as Jarhead goes I still don’t know that story. But I do know why they are called Leathernecks. But as far as whether they’re more badass than Soldiers in the U.S. Army rumor had it that they walked around Lawton from time to time talking tough and ended up getting their tales whipped by soldiers. Turns out that a U.S. Army soldier field artillery man was just as tough as a Marine artillery man. Knuckle draggers are about the same. And infantrymen thought they were tougher than us. Big talk will get you attacked by trees at night.

@KillJoy >>>> Where the hell did you get the idea that Jarheads ever gave any indication that they were tougher than army.As far as the USMC EVER GETING BEAT = Bullshit.
PS: your ass keeps writing out checks your brain can’t cash.

I ran into a guy that puts" Human" on any race requests or inquiries.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: (Im too old and broken to fight now). But I hear your spirit.

Hey, it was a rumor. I was never that type. Cannoneers are like gorillas. They tend to be excessively strong from lugging 200 lb projoes and not the sharpest tack. So Marine cannoneers couldn’t possibly claim to be tougher. The story was those stupid fights happened after everyone was drunk. I was Special Weapons and spent very little time on a gun.


It’s like the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders saying they are what makes the team so good! Sorry, Killjoy, an elite branch of the Military can not compared to. I do not want to hurt your feelings or any ones for that fact but, Army is Army and the Marine Corps is an elite branch of service. This is how it works, Join the Army and go to basic, get out of Army to join Marine Corps you have to go to basic training. Join the Marine Corps then, go to basic training, get out to join Army,… no basic training required. Join the Air Force,… no basic training required. Join the Navy,… no basic training required. But, in all cases, all others must go to Marine Corps basic training. This is just on reason it is elite.
Another reason the Marine Corps is more Elite is Army basic training is nine weeks, Air force training is 8.5 weeks, Navy is 7 weeks, and the Marine Corps Basic training is 13 weeks.
Another reason the Marine Corps is so Elite is that the Marine Corps is the Smallest branch except, the Coast Guard.
What separates the Marines from other branches?

  • The Marines Operate as a Part of the Department of the Navy. …
  • The Marines are Often First on the Ground. …
  • The Marines Guard U.S. Embassies. …
  • The Marines Protect and guard the White House
  • They Learn Martial Arts. …
  • All Marines are at least a Rifleman.
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I was planning on Going Ranger, SF and then Delta Force. It was all lined up. But I chose to get married instead and return to sanity. By that time my body was beat to hell anyhow and I was not confident I could take the beating… And I lost that edge. It takes a lot to be a Marine. But it takes an idiot to think he’s invincible. Human being is flesh and blood not bulletproof. You guys are absolutely the best of the best. Regular Army doesn’t compare.

I forgot who told me about all of that anyhow. He was probably drunk at the time he told me. The whole thing was stupid to me. My nephew is a Marine and now a firefighter. I’m very proud of him especially since my brother hated me for joining the military. He was a guppy snob. I believe the MRines deserve their reputation for being badass.

I’m changing my identity and address now. I might move out of country too.

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I appreciate what the Army does and stands for. Stay Strong!


At one point I was headed to the seminary to become a chaplain. Long story. I was searching for my place.

Stay strong too.

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Although, if you graduate Army basic you do not have to retake it to join the Navy or chAir force.
I was Army, a good friend was Marine. I’ve got brothers-in-law from every branch except Coast Guard.
It’s just like siblings- we can all tease each other but if someone outside the family butts in they’re done for.