Trucker delivering to federal prisons

I am a OTR truck driver. I ran into a situation the other day that I need help with. If we have to deliver at a prison state or federal what do we do with our weapons. I dont want to be a lifetime resident. I carry multiple firearms as well as multiple knives and other force multipliers in my truck at all times. The prison said they did not have a place for me to secure them local sheriff and police departments said the same. Yet it is a federal offense to have them on prison grounds. I was able to make some phone calls and found a gun store that let me store them while i delivered but that is not always going to be a option.

  1. Don’t carry to anyplace that is Federal.

  2. Trade routes.

I’m not going to lie. I do not eff around with any place that is federally prohibited.


That’s a real pickle that you’re in. Are those runs forecasted? If they are then you know you can’t carry on that days’ route. If you have a mixed forecasted route, then you’d probably have to choose your less desired option. You, being OTR it’s not like you can just go back home and pick-up and continue on with the rest of your day. You’re pretty much out there until the run is done. Best with that, let us know how you end up handling it. I’d be interested to hear.

Stay safe and Carry on. (where allowed)


As a former fed prison guard I would tell you don’t do it. Employees are warned to not have a gun in the car. I watched prison lieutenants laugh when they could get an employee fired or locked up. As already noted: don’t bring it on that run, find a place to temp keep it off prison grounds or get a different route. Prison officials are just as eager to find a way to put another in prison as any bad cop if not more so.

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I’ve heard this question before.

An FFl/gun store that is open during the hours you need would seem to be the best bet, but even then it will cost you and it may have to be located in a state/jurisdiction that allows transfer of those firearms to you (like, as if you were buying them there). I’d start by calling area gun shops and posing the situation to them. Don’t overlook that many pawn shops are FFL’s also