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For you nature-lovers and outdoorsmen, here’s some snake trivia. What characteristic does the water moccasin and black mamba share? What’s the largest venomous snake in North America? What snake has the reputation for being the biggest “bluffer” in nature?

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Largest NA venomous snake is the Eastern Diamondback. It is also known for its massive bite penetration. Big bluffer = Western Hognose. As far as I know their similarity is that each is considered to have the most potent venom in their respective continents.

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The eastern diamondback also has the highest mortality rate - 10 - 30% - and has a fairly large range in the Southeast. The hognose is the bluffer, but carries a toxic saliva like the monitor lizard. The water moccasin (“cottonmouth”) and black mamba got their names from the color of their open mouths - for some, it was the last thing seen before they were struck.

Been fishing on a lake shore and river bed and have had cotton mouths just swim up to me. Not ashamed to say I did the WTH dance.


A truck driver told me a fishing story - he said that a little kid joined him once at a lakeside spot, and after a while, he noticed that the kid’s hands were really swollen. When he looked at what the kid was using for bait, it was a nest of infant snakes he’d come across - go figure.

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Don’t laugh but ; garlic is a insect repellent and fish attractant. My Secret formula is garlic powder and talcum powder, been using it for many years, it works and won’t stain you clothes. Put some in a clean used shaker bottle for applicator.
PS: keep it away from vaginas ; they say it can cause ovarian cancer.

Bluffer? Around here we have Blow Snakes, they look similar to rattle snakes and act like rattle snakes. They curl up and shake their tails, but have no rattle and are not venomous. Walk up on one of these and you’ll jump off the trail.



Lord have mercy how times have changed!

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Years back I fished with my nephews in a lake near Plano, TX. They had a 15’ flat bottom skiff. One day as we were fishing, I noticed an 8-9 foot water moccasin swimming towards us out in the middle of the lake. It came up over the gunwales and curled up in the bottom of the boat. One of my nephews said “Don’t worry about it - happens all the time. When it gets rested up it will leave.” Sure enough, after about 10 min. it dropped over the side into the water and swam off. I don’t fish with them anymore.

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Hognoses behave the same way - they’ll even roll over and play dead if the bluff doesn’t work. If you back away, they’ll right themselves and slowly retreat. Funny!


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Souma yergon sou nou yergon
Language and meaning ?
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Why do we drive on a Parkway & park in a Driveway?

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Both will reach a maximum velocity of 32 feet per second per second.