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@KURT17 > The only pressure point is on your wrist bone in the palm of your hand.
The wrist strap will catch the bow when it Rolls forward out of your hand.

PS: I have eight bow now. And that’s more than enough for now. If I do get another one it will be a target recurve. I was thought by a Olympic archery trainer, Olympic archery medal winner, Leading state 3-D fingers shooter and three other pros ; the Metal winner was sponsored by Hoyt archery, and one of the pros works for Gander mountain.

What does a uni Cam compound bow have over a dual cam bow :question:

IMO >> yes you can reuse the bullet if there is no Visual damage. If you really want to go over the top check in a run out gauge or use it for your first few foul shots. I’m not into ARS but I have a CZ 243 that doesn’t start grouping well from a clean barrel until after ± 12 foul shots. Competition shooting allows you five foul shot. If your hunting with a clean cold Barrel that first cold clean shoot is the one to take notes on.
PS: if you pull your bullets with a Inertia hammer I put cotton in mine for the bullet to hit when it comes out of the case. The next question is ; should you re- size the case neck to get the same neck tension.
PS: target shooting or hunting over 500 hundred yards consult
Mr. Craig 6.


As far as i know without looking it up 400 + fps is attainable with crossbows. Back in the day ; aluminum arrows compound bows with overdraws doing 275 fps was smokin, and that’s what my Hoyt defiant
did with a 20/14 ( @ 70 pounds ) some of the arrows required to men to pull the arrows out of 3D targets because of the friction / welding the arrow to the target even with silicone on the arrows.
I don’t do 3D any more but it was a blast.

What’s the Difference between an Olympic hold and a traditional
hold anchor point for your draw hand :question:

I would say there are a number of reasons like: typical men worked harder doing things women can’t, smoking until women picked it up too, stress from those jobs, violence committed against other men and more. All would lower the mean life expectancy.

Women have a major life risk, giving birth. Until recent medical advances, many women died in childbirth.

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@Todd30 @Barry54 @KURT17 >> What mistakes do some deer hunters make while field dressing a mature Buck :question:

  • clue > the answer has the letter ( T ) in it.

Not dressing it right away - to remove the HEAT from the body ASAP?

not the right answer ( but it’s a good answer ) the answer is something important but I don’t think too many people know about it.
Thanks Mr. Kurt.

Here’s an oldie. F&S did a study years ago to find out why so many deer hunters failed to bag a deer. What was the result of the study?

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IDK >> but I can tell you some things I know.

  • not paying attention to wind direction. To include changing thermal air movement ; up and down elevations.
  • wrong cover sent not matching environment.
  • using wrong deer called.
  • leaving Stands to early.
  • not setting up stands in advance.
  • walking on deer trails.
  • falling to sleep in tree stand.
  • wearing noisy clothing, also not storing hunting clothes in a send free
  • and of corse, smoking ad farting.

just to name a few.

You are headed in the right direction…but I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag quite yet.

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Surely not farting. My freezer would be permanently empty if that was the case.

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Make sure you strap in when in a tree stand, falling from a tree stand can be fatal or fracture your spine in three spots! Not me personally but I know!


Turn your sound off of your phone! Getting a phone call at the wrong moment ruins everything!


Be vigilant with what you eat! Nothing worse than having diarrhea when you are up in the tree stand !!!



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@Mike164 >> Bingo > the ( tarsal glands) ; not only do they secrete a Nasty material, if that’s not enough they pee on their hind legs to attract females. Touching the glands while field dressing or skinning can taint the meat ( idk if that’s how the Phrase ( taint meat meat came
about ) I think you get the picture. As I understand urea has been used in perfumes.

PS: if your not having luck attracting WOWMAN , try peeing on your hind
Quarters and get back to us, you never know.

happy hunting.


And the answer is, according to F&S, they never bagged a deer because they had no idea what one looked like in the wild.


PS: must of been some big strong dumbasses.