Trigger Safeties


I currently have a Walther CCP, which I love, but I am less than impressed with having an 8 round magazine. I was contemplating a PPQ, but the lack of a thumb safety frankly worries me.

I noticed that the PPQ, as with almost every striker fired pistol I see, has a trigger safety. The trigger safety on my Taurus PT 24/7 chews up my trigger finger, but I don’t see that it actually serves any purpose.

Absolutely everything that gets into the trigger guard is going to depress that trigger safety if the trigger is pushed into it. That is how at least one person I read about shot himself. He was reholstering his Glock and his shirt got inside the trigger guard.

So…is there a point to trigger Safeties? Do they actually do anything besides make your gun painful to shoot?


Welcome! I’ve never experienced any pain using a trigger safety…or even noticed them, honestly. I believe that they exist so that "you really have to want to shoot it! and it won’t go off accidentally .

Tell us more about your “chewing up” your finger. Maybe a pic or two?

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I would double check your finger placement on the trigger, that may be causing a pinch.

I do not carry a gun with a safety. Following the safety rules and looking my firearm into the holster every single time are my safety.


Actually PPQ’s trigger safety is one of the best on the handguns market. Of course it’s not the same as thumb safety, it serves only as passive drop safety, but for sure doesn’t change anything how you feel and press the trigger.
Just my opinion… as you know firearms and / or accessories are different for each shooter.

Keeping your booger hook off the bang button… That’s the safety. I agree with @Dawn about checking finger placement regarding pinching.

The guy who shot himself cause of his shirt wasn’t paying attention to reholstering his firearm. You should holster/reholster your firearm with intent and pay attention just as carefully as every other second your handling your firearm. If you’re paying attention to the firearm you should notice things around the trigger.

Also practice leaning back and away from the holster if it’s already on your person. I don’t appendix carry specifically because if I’m ever not paying attention to reholstering and the gun goes off I don’t need it taking off my naughty bits. John Lovell has a good video on proper reholstering to make sure you never point the weapon at your lower extremities.

I would take a good hard look at that trigger safety. They are supposed to “disappear” into the trigger when depressed to form a “mostly’” continuous surface. It could be that your safety is “proud” when depressed or that there are ridges on the trigger shoe that only show up when you depress the safety. If any of the above are true it’s a fairly quick fix if you are handy with an emery board (finger nail file).