Tricks & tips for cooking

A high temperature setting cooks fast on the outside but not in the inside. Meat cooks at the same rate and that is per pound. Beef roast requires 23 to 30 minutes for each pound. To Cook a Turkey per Pound The general rule is 15 to 20 minutes per pound of turkey when cooking an unstuffed turkey.
Let your steak sit out at room temperature for 30 minutes before placing on a grill or cooking in a cast iron pan.


The difference between a stock and a soup.

A classic or traditional stock is made from bones plus a few vegetables (usually aromatic vegetables such as onion, carrots, and celery) with no seasoning. The bones may be roasted for additional flavor. When cooking stock, the aim is to get the collagen from the connective tissues, which makes a stock thick, and even gelatinous when cool. The body that the collagen gives to stock is its defining characteristic. A stock is not thought of as a finished product but as a base for other things such as sauces and soup.

A traditional broth, on the other hand, is the liquid in which meat has been cooked. It has basically the same vegetables as stock, but it is usually seasoned. A broth may be served as-is, in which case it is then officially a soup. Consommé is an example.

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It was set in the year 2022

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a basic custard base, you’ll want to use a 2 to 1, milk to egg ratio. A large egg is about 2 ounces, so for every egg you use, you’ll need 4 ounces (1/2 cup) of milk.

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The basic formula for a brine solution is 1 cup of salt (preferably without iodine) to one gallon of water. You can add herbs like garlic, rosemary, onion, basil, savory, marjoram, thyme, tarragon, oregano, pepper, and coriander to enhance the seasoning of the meat.

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In cool weather, home made soup beats the industrial stuff. Use broth or make your own stock from leftovers.
If you add pasta (like with chicken noodle soup) cook it separately and keep it separate—place it in the bowl and ladle on the hot soup to serve, accompanied with crusty bread. If you’re short on time add a bag of frozen vegetables, especially if fresh vegetables aren’t in season

Italian Navy Salad is cool and filling. Halve a head of romaine, cut out the stem, add canned albacore on topalong with kidney beans, garbanzos, red onion and drizzle on Olive Oil, Worchester sauce, Lemon juice and wine vinegar, add herbs on top of that and some freshly ground pepper.


When cooking halibut do not over cook it or apply too much heat. I placed the Halibut on Mustard Greens, onions, celery, carrots, garlic, and fennel. Fill up to half of the halibut and cook it at 400 degrees in the oven for about fifteen minutes. When plated I added butter and lemon juice.


And beer.
As simple as it gets.

Of course you can complicate it with rice pilaf and some drawn butter on the side, if you must.

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That is why I am very hesitant to bake. Everything has to be precise and I am more big picture at 100,000 feet. My wife is the “attention to detail” one in my household. Baking does not allow for you to play with your food!

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@Todd30 OK brother break it down to us Barney style. Pick one of those fantastic looking pictures and tell us how you did it. From soup to nuts.

What is your opinion on sear and then slow cook? If favorable or not how do you go at a chunk of meat that is half as tall as it is wide?

@MikeBKY baking is actually easier than cooking; because “Instructions” Pies however are still an art form to me but I’m gaining on it.




@William220 I’ma have to give that a try. My FIL is of the “toss it it’s not worth the time” crowd. I always felt like I was leaving something off the table. What do you put in your boiling water? So just cook till it falls apart? Any acids (lemon/lime/tomato etc.) to help break it down?



Baked Halibut

Get the size of baking dish that will fit the size of the fish you will be cooking.

1 Bundle of Mustard Greens

1 Leek – slice in half then slice on the bias.

1 Carrot – grated

3 Celery stocks – Sliced

1 Tbsp. Garlic – chopped

2 Tbsp. Fennel leaves

1 – Whole Lemon Sliced

Place all of this in the baking dish in the order of the previous list.

Place Halibut on top and season with Tajun Seasoning. It is called, Tajun and it has a little spicy and lime flavor to it.

Then take a container of water and add sea salt to it and taste it. It should be slightly salty. Add this to the baking dish till the water level reaches halfway on the Halibut.

Have your oven set to 400 degrees and cook for about fifteen minutes. You can Check doneness with using a fork.


@Todd30 >> can you tell everyone what is not uncommon that fish in the Code fish family has in it ?

That is a grenades’ statement.
Searing is creating caramelization/flavor to a piece of meat. Season and sear away.
A two inch thick tomahawk steak should be seasoned well, and let to set at room temperature for about an hour before cooking. The rest depends upon how you want it cooked. Medium heat and grilled to temperature to get a rare or medium rare. Medium well, Grill marks on both sides then place in oven at 400 degrees till internal temperature is at 140 for medium, 150 for Medium well, and well done at 160.

Sometimes a little salt but have not found it to be a big deal since your going to strain it and use the water. Can season later. Here’s a picture of another batch, as you can see I vary what I put in it.

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That would be worms! When looking for a good bottom fish look for a clean meat with no worms.
Quality of food matters!

They are not “bad” to eat It will not hurt you but, most refer to avoid them. Understandably!

@Todd30 >> that’s why I don’t eat any fish in the code family, it is a sign of a heathy fish so they say. image

( RE- SEASONING CAST IRON PANS ) made easy on the outside gas grill to eliminate Smokey odors in your Casa.


Chicken-sausage gumbo with Octopus since I do not have any Gator Meat! On Grits!


Home made Udon Noodles

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