Trick-or-Treaters at Your Door

I’ve lived in places where we had hundreds of kids ring our doorbell and yell trick-or-treat. And I’ve lived in places where we had all of three neighbors’ kids ring our doorbell. One of my kids always wanted to stay home and give out candy, but the others definitely wouldn’t share their bounty if he didn’t go with them.

What is your reaction to trick-or-treaters at your door?

  • Awe, they’re so cute
  • It’s just once a year and it’s worth the community goodwill
  • Clint Eastwood from Torino “Get off my lawn”
  • My kids bring back more candy than I hand out!
  • It’s a safety nightmare

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Share your best Halloween memory or favorite Halloween treat in the comments below!


We now live in a gated community. So, we don’t see any trick or treat activity. Before moving South, we did enjoy providing a safe and not scary trick or treat atmosphere for our neighborhood. I hope that the tradition continues and that children are encouraged to continue this tradition safely.

Stay safe out there.


We enjoy passing out candy to the kiddos. One of my wife’s friends brings her son(13) over, and he and our son put on costumes and sit in chairs in front of the house, with the candy. I put one of those small, JBL speakers in my mailbox, and Bluetooth scary sounds to it. Add to it, the iridescent glow, from a blue LED light(support the officers), it makes for a good time. Here’s a picture form last years set up


Maybe I’ve just become curmudgeonly in my old age.


We live in a friendly neighborhood where we know, or recognize, most of the neighbors. The kids are always polite and respectful of the property and overall my wife and I get a kick out of seeing all the costumes.

I do have a more heightened sense of awareness and my video cameras are rolling with the mics on so I can keep an eye and ear out for any possible trouble.

I enjoy it and have fun with it as it’s intended.


Growing up in the Burbs outside Philly we would fill pillow cases with all kinds of candy. And we would make multiple trips out each Halloween. Great memories with old friends.


It is a great opportunity to meet and know the neighbors, use it wisely.
The candy itself I hate, kids try eating most of it at once, go sugar crazy :slight_smile:


I don’t decorate for halloween but used to hand out candies if kids knocked on my door.
I realized I’m always the only one in the house on Halloween night so three years ago, I decided to stop doing it.

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How about option F ?

I live so remote that if someone shows up at my house in a mask…SHTF

No joke, I live so remote that, depending on your mapping software, you won’t find me…no cell service etc. It’s so dark here that you can see the milky way with the naked eye. Someone knocking on our door would be freaky enough, let alone someone on a mask.


The days of candy corn and Tinkerbell are long gone!
Never, ever open the door to a masked individual! EVER!
There are plenty of safe places, these days, kids can play trick or treat.


We live in a small community and we’ve known our neighbors for years. We don’t get many trick or treaters any more as most of the kids have grown. But the few we get, coupled with some new ones from recent new neighbors are respectful. I’m happy we don’t live in the Oxford Circle area of Phila where I used to live in the early 70’s.

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I do not have any kids out in my neighborhood. Twenty five years ago I would take my kids to friends houses and they would get loads of candy from them. This Halloween I will be working at the bar and grill cooking fried chicken and dressed up like colonel Sanders!

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I don’t mind the kids so much as I do some of the idiot parents that walk around with beer and are half-drunk as they walk around. We’ve also gotten adult trick or treaters that makes me think, take $5 and buy yourself a bag of candy you lazy a$$.


No costume - no candy, right? “Dressed as Larry the Cable Guy” doesnt cut it.

We had about 60 kids tonight which is about normal. We took the grandbaby out for her first Halloween, she is 19 months old. I don’t think she enjoyed it as much as we did.
Of course the weather was cold and windy after a perfect fall day the day before. :roll_eyes:
It was fun to watch the kids all dressed up and the baby enjoyed watching the kids parade by the window. :smiley:


Last year we got about two dozen beautiful little dressed-up kids accompanied by their parents. This year…ZERO. Let’s go Brandon!


Live in The 'burbs. Good way to talk and get to know neighbors, like to give the kids a little scare, make it fun for them. Halloween can be a fun “holiday.” Very few Trick or Treaters this year. I don’t believe we should live in fear, just be prepared.