Training - Use It

[1 dead in Beaver County shooting |]

“…it was found that there was no immediate threat of serious bodily injury or death involving this incident.”

"Miller admitted that there were options that he could have used other than deadly force

This is a Prime Example of the importance of proper training, like we can get on this very site.
How many mistakes did this guy make?

  1. Used lethal force when there wasn’t a threat of serious bodily injury.
  2. Didn’t exercise other, less lethal options.
  3. Admitted his shortcoming to the police too soon.

So lets look at this particular situation. You have a very irresponsible gun owner, likely with a lack of proper training, definitely with a lack of respect. By his actions, he’s described himself as a less than intelligent person. For example, he tells on himself to the police!! Where as there will always be responsible gun owners, there will always be irresponsible gun owners. Sadly not just dumb people but intelligent people with really bad attitudes.