Train on mag loading


Gave my granddaughter her new gun for mother’s day. She sent me my mother’s day gift… her best times for loading her magazine, both right and left handed times :grin:
So… do you train for mag loading? Ever practice loading mags with your weak hand?


I practice. Never thought of timing it tho.

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Honestly, neither did I :laughing:
Or loading weak hand. This granddaughter of mine is going to make me up my game.


I do.
You have a smart Granddaughter @Zee.

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Never even thought of it…I do switch hands while shooting, but never loaded my mag’s with different hands.

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I have an issue with arthritis in my hands, which makes mag loading a chore. I bought a tool to help, and at least I can get a mag fully loaded now. I have never timed it, but I think it takes somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes for a 7-round mag. You youngsters should count your blessings!


That I do :grin:

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