Top-rated Crime Programs

Here’s a listing - it sure beats watching a buncha ZZ-Topp wanna-bees in camo. The First 48 - The Last 24 - The Most Shocking - American Greed - The New Detectives - Forensic Files - The FBI Files - use discretion around children - some can be quite graphic. They can also be a bit addictive when offered in marathon-mode. FYI

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How could you miss Homicide Hunter with Joe Kenda?


P.S. - I forgot to add City Confidential. I live in Akron, OH, and one episode described Mafia-ridden Youngstown, a member of the “Rust Belt”. FYI

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I’m not sure I could afford the ones Biden and family went to…maybe 4-6 weeks to be an average “crimer?” :crazy_face:

Who are the zz top wanabees in camo?

The silly-ass characters in Duck Dynasty - another winner in “reality TV” is The Amish Mafia. I’d rather watch Roadrunner cartoons.