Too little too late? (Email)


Hi Jason,

We are always looking to improve USCCA Membership for you and your fellow 825,000+ USCCA Members.

*Today, I’m excited to announce important improvements to the self-defense liability insurance policy issued to the USCCA that gives you, a responsibly armed USCCA Member, the insurance coverage you need! *


Check out all of the improvements at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!

[NEW] Impartial Coverage Determination — Coverage is not determined by the insurance company. Instead, the insurance company is contractually REQUIRED to grant coverage so long as your defense attorney believes there is a good faith self-defense claim and the judge allows you and your attorney to make that argument in court until a final, non-appealable finding of guilt is reached.
[NEW] Plea Deal Coverage — If you take a plea deal for something that is NOT a “crime of violence”, your coverage doesn’t end. Too often, a prosecutor will threaten to prosecute self-defenders on murder charges or offer a plea deal for a lesser crime and lower sentence. This puts good gun owners in a tough situation: plead guilty to something you didn’t do for a lesser sentence OR potentially lose a MURDER trial and face 10+ years in prison. This update to the policy purchased by the USCCA gives you more freedom to choose which path is right for you.
[NEW] “Red Flag” Law Coverage — If you are facing an “Extreme Risk Protection Order” also known as a “Red Flag” law that would unconstitutionally strip away your gun rights, the policy provides you up to $15,000 towards attorney fees and expenses to defend yourself.
[UPDATE] Criminal Acts Exclusion — While the USCCA’s insurer has never made a coverage decision merely based on the fact that a member was charged with a crime, this revision to the policy makes that misunderstanding impossible. As long as a judge allows you and your attorney to make a self-defense claim in court, there will be coverage.
[UPDATE] No Elective Recovery or Recoupment of Expenses — The previous policy purchased by the USCCA allowed the insurance company to recoup any coverage expenses if the member was found guilty. Despite the fact that the USCCA’s insurer has NEVER done this, this revision to the policy ensures that this can only happen if a government agency forces them to do so based on applicable law — they can never do it just to benefit their bottom line.
[UPDATE] Up to $100,000 $250,000 Available for Bail Bond Expenses — This covers the normal upfront cost for a $1,000,000 $2,500,000 bail bond. With the bias against armed self-defense increasing in many states, this new limit ensures you’re still able to fight for your innocence without your hands tied behind your back, even if a slanted judge unjustly decides you’re a “flight risk” or “danger to the public” just because you choose to carry a gun for self-protection.
[NEW] Expunging/Sealing Records Coverage — Up to $5,000 for attorneys fees and expenses to expunge or seal the records associated with a covered incident. What many gun owners don’t realize is that just because you’re declared innocent doesn’t mean the public information about your case goes away. And sometimes felony charges can even hang around on your record for years! This new coverage gives you the funds needed to ensure you can put the legal aftermath of your self-defense incident behind you for GOOD.
[NEW] Removal of Previous Coverage Exclusions — Coverage is no longer affected if your self-defense incident occurs within a post office or federal building. Also, the great firefighters and paramedics who serve the public are no longer excluded from coverage while on duty.
[NEW] Loss of Earnings Coverage — Previously, USCCA Members could only get any lost income reimbursed if the time off was taken at the request of the insurance company. With this added coverage, all USCCA Members also get access to funds to cover lost income in the first 30 days after a self-defense incident.

*These upgrades are in addition to your current self-defense liability insurance benefits, which include: *

Defense Expenses: No limit for your criminal or civil defense.
Liability Insurance: Up to $2,000,000.
Incidental Expenses: Up to $20,000.
Coverage for all Acts of Self-Defense with any legal weapon.

*To view the fully updated policy that is in effect as of June 5, 2024, click here. *

*With this update to the self-defense liability insurance policy, you should have even greater peace of mind knowing that with the education, training, and self-defense liability insurance all USCCA Members get, you’re fully prepared for the before, during, and after of a self-defense incident. *

Take care and stay safe,

Tim’s Signature
Tim Schmidt
CEO, Delta Defense LLC
1-855-388-4075 [24/7]


In what capacity would this be too late?

I have yet to find or been informed of any known cases where a USCCA member acted in self defense and was not covered. A pre planned murder from 2018 doesn’t qualify here, nor does a guy who was never dropped or denied coverage (mall, food delivery)

Is there any particular aspect to the improvements you find to be “too little”? What more were you hoping to see?


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Please Enlighten us my good sir (RocketPak) '‘What choo talking’ 'bout Rocket?"


Deja-vu all over again…


Thanks for sharing the same Email we all received.

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