Tomorrow's News: Gun Control by Executive Order

Good point. George Washington could not buy a chainsaw bayonet, even with all his wife’s money.

I wonder if I could open carry a chainsaw.

As long as you don’t wear a hockey mask.

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He could not buy a phaser, either.

Yes, you can. I believe in most states you are also “allowed” to OC swords and machetes, I know in Virginia it is legal.

I was quite impressed with your response, @Ouade5 even after reading @MikeBKY’s post :slight_smile: @Zavier_D nice follow-up!

One quick reminder of the Community Guidelines regarding name-calling and personal attacks - including of public figures. Not asking you to like them, just asking you to be your best self and not take the low road when it comes to slinging mud.

We don’t have to lower our standards because others may have lowered theirs. Please continue to be the awesome responsibly-armed Americans we know you are! :smiley:

Hey. I have a right to complete the look. It’s a fashion statement. Strutt’n it.

@Dave17 we’re allowed to carry swords in Texas too. I have one and wear it.