Today's the day


The day the gun owner gets to practice their threat deescalation skills?

I’ve had angry people approach me many times. It was not something I looked forward to having to deal with. It has also yet to end up with me having to resort to violent force to defend myself. :fist::wood:



I hope and pray there never is a day. I often pray that when I strap it on.


How do you keep them out of your reaction gap or keep them at a safe distance?


I enjoy target shooting so really like having firearms for that purpose. I also feel safer when I have a firearm nearby because I know they significantly increase the odds of me being able to defend myself and my family if we are ever faced with an imminent deadly threat. But what would truly make me happy is if I get to die a peaceful death several decades from now without ever having to use one of my firearms in a self defense situation.


Here’s an idea.


That isn’t always easy. Which is why I have been focusing on Krav Maga lessons lately to provide some extra tools to create space and time to run away or get to a weapon if needed.

Keeping my doors locked on my vehicle or my vehicle between myself and the potential threat have worked on several occasions. I have also seen trouble coming and just gotten out of there before it got close on several more occasions.

But sometimes with my work I have to explain why I am there and why I have a right to be there while the angry people are uncomfortably close.

Deescalation tools are the key in those situations. Most people just need to vent and then everyone can peacefully go on their way. But having some tools in the tool box to make space and time provides some more confidence that I can handle those situations if they go sideways rapidly.