To Sir, With Love

If they can find my home. If they’re willing to walk 3500 miles to it. They would be welcome in the back corner of my property. The grounds currently frozen but a few cardboard boxes should suffice. Doesn’t Joe own some beach front property? It’d be a nice place for a few dozen immigrant families. Jus sayin.


Elon Musk can invest in real estate and build rent-to-own homes or build apartment complexes for these folks. Biden can pitch in as well. :thinking: :laughing: After all, these are his people that he brought into the country that will be voting for him. :laughing:

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It’s a clear indication how far some government entities are willing to go. When forced to choose between citizens and illegal immigrants they choose the immigrants. Do we take care of our high school kids educations or do we lock them out to house people that are here illegally?
It’s not just the local governments that are doing this, our federal government is putting huge amounts of resources into making sure the immigrants are taken care of while the citizens of The United States are overlooked and suspected…


‘CHILDREN can’t VOTE’ Boop! Done.


I don’t know how far fetched it is, if we get them to vote republican, I would think the people letting them in would stop. It makes sense to me. Who is bringing these migrants to the schools. It is a sh#t show.


@Robert1246 Happy Anniversary!


Another reason not to live in New York.