Time for each firearm

For my own well-being I train and practice for a month, at least three times a week, with a firearm that I’ve decided to carry. I’ll then carry that firearm for a period of time and then start over with another.
Point is train and practice till you are confident of yourself and the firearm for carrying. Also the differences of firearms you carry is because of where your going/how you must dress and weather.


Good point.
Even I carry one particular handgun, I always train with all available platforms.
I have a little different point of view: know as many firearms as you can, not only yours.
It is a good idea to be familiar with at least the most common firearms used by people - striker fired, hammer fired, full size, compact, pocket size, safey, decocker, flat trigger, curved trigger, hinged trigger, 4lb, 8 lb, 12 lb trigger pull…
You never know what happens, maybe you will need to use a firearm which is not yours. Try to not be surprised. It may cost yours or somebody’s life. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Are you combat ready?

Close, I lived in Chicago, drove through Las Vegas, and to Lake Tahoe.:grinning:


Walk from downtown Los Angeles to the ocean then tell me if you make it,… alive!

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When I go to the range I bring 3 different firearms, shot gun, rifle, pistol or revolver and rotate. :us:


Being an instructor, I have to be proficient in any firearm I pick up. If a student is using a gun I do not operate any better than they do then how do I consider myself efficient to train others? Not only to shoot efficiently but I also need to be able to troubleshoot all guns that I come in contact with.


Yup, bet those big sausage thumbs get in the way with the small guns. :rofl:


I’m illegal in CA, went to Auburn once, my life insurance almost cancelled me.:grinning: