Ties that bind

For those that don’t know my town was hit pretty badly by tornadoes about a week and a half ago. Something I noticed. The first night we had some looters trying to come in from a subsidized housing unit from a nearby city. Local LEO and citizens worked together to put an end to that. This is the 2nd time in 6 years that our town has been hit hard by tornado’s.

The thing that struck me the most, this time, we are supposed to be supposed to be so bitterly divided. Yet I have watched volunteers of all races, creeds, and nationalities working hand in hand together to help clear up the devastation. I have seen so many acts of loving kindness.

It gives me hope that if we can come together in tragedy that maybe all is not lost yet.


@Zavier_D I am of firm belief that we are more aligned than the media, social media and politicians want to see, admit to and strengthen. There is money and power in the “divide.”


@Marrio you took the words right out of my mouth.

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@Justin47 nice to see you brother! Hope all is well!

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Glad to hear that worked out but that’s a little different than some folks ideas on the 2nd amendment. I’ve seen people that will help you in a ny minute & then state some foolishness about firearm laws. I hope you’re correct.

That’s what I was inferring to about the LEO’s and civilians getting rid of the looters.

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I guess I read that incorrectly as I understood it was about the clean up of the mess. Thanks for clearing that up. Hmmm no pun intended.

I hope your family is safe first and foremost. Property can always be replaces. Unfortunately we have thugs among us so we have to be prepared to take them out.

Often when we look at our community dealing with a specific we assume a national like attitude. In the past I thought the same thing. But today it is easy to test that unity every day. One side seeing riots in our streets and burning of cities and some those same neighbors will stand up and shout in the face of those of us that see that as anarchy and criminal, “free speech and justice. “ If we voice any concern about the loss of livelihood those neighbors will shout once again, nazi or white supremacy.

However if during a protest of the seat of power that our neighbor, who helped clean up the street, will yell treason.

I had another lady on a different forum deride me and “all Gun owners” as non Christian for not giving up our guns after Sandyhook. I asked her how many children she had killed personally. Knowing she would say none, I responded that neither I nor any gun owner I knew had killed any children either.

If someone wants to believe this divide isn’t as far apart as it seems just talk with the side that thinks you are a nazi. Do it without calling them a commie. Or even better do it wearing a Trump hat or NRA shirt. After a few of these conversations repost with the results.

I am not saying it isn’t repairable but something will have to change greatly before I will believe I have much in common with anyone that believes my whole race if raciest and responsible for the sins of the nation.

I like that some believe peace comes from just saying positive things. But unlike in Peter Pan Tinker Bell can’t be saved by wishing. The scabs have to heal and trust has to be re-established. We are a long was from healing I fear.


It will get worse. The current administration shows no intention of trying to heal the divide. Instead they are throwing fuel on the fire. Be ready for a very rough ride.

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