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Gun Control Deception In America.

Opinion by Staff • Yesterday 7:48 PM

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( Amidst killings every week in Chicago and across the country, active shooter incidents increasing in frequency, gun buyback programs, and government sit-ins, the controversy about gun control has taken center stage. But this article is going to tell you the rest of the facts and how you are being deceived by those who say they want the guns off the streets. Yes you are being deceived by government officials and leaders in the African American community alike. As a former detective who carried/carries a Glock .40 (and then some) as well as a former firearms instructor, I am going to tell you what they are keeping from you and why guns are not the problem.


Crime and criminals are the problem, not guns. Sociologically it is a well established fact that violent crime is caused by economic conditions, the breakdown of the family unit, poor character, glorified bad examples, hopelessness, greed, ignorance and sociological conditioning. If you want to see the impact of guns on children, take a look at the research on how they are being programmed by video games like Grand Theft Auto, movies and “gangsta” rap. Where are the political and African American leaders on that and why are they strangely silent? Guns do not cause violence and de-sensitization is a primary culprit for violence coming from young people.

Guns - Gun Control in America.

Guns - Gun Control in America.© Provided by —Thy Black Man


By allowing a number of strategic FALSE FLAGS nationwide and the rise in gun violence, certain powers that be are creating a scenario to scare the public into allowing our citizens to be disarmed. If this sounds like “conspiracy theory“, wake up and look at what is happening. It’s fact, not theory. Read the section of this article labeled Adolph Hitler and Gun Control.


While African Americans are trading in guns for X-boxes and gift certificates, Caucasian people are buying every gun they can. Gun shoes are selling out and it is no secret. Informed citizens know the dangers of a population that has been disarmed, a population where crime is high and a population where there are not nearly enough police officers to protect it. If you have a legal firearm, keep it and buy others. Learn how to shoot and how to safely store your weapon. Learn the gun laws and the consequences. Learn weapons retention and cleaning. Know what is the best weapon for you. Learn about ammunition and holsters. Most novice gun owners do not have a decent holster for their weapons. There are single, double and triple retention holsters so don’t be cheap. You do not want someone to take your weapon and use it on you.


Here is the text of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution: The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The irony is that the Federal government, state, city, county governments and even businesses have always infringed upon our right to bear arms. They have told us where we could not carry weapons, what we could not carry, whether the weapons had to be exposed or concealed, if we need permits etc. So should it be a shock when they take it further to restrict us even more?

Second Amendment to the United States Constitution - Wikipedia


Guns do not kill people, people kill people. A gun is a piece of plastic, metal and rubber. It takes on the nature and character of the person who buys and uses it. Guns are clearly deterrents to crime. Why do you think a bank security guard is armed? Or a Brinks guard? Or a police officer? Or a secret service agent? Guns deter just as much as they protect and even kill. If you have never owned or carried a gun, guns may scare you. But they are not alive, and with training, you don’t have to be afraid of a gun. Be more afraid of the criminal who has one when you do not.


From Joe Biden to Al Sharpton to Kamala Harris, they all seem to be on the bandwagon to get the guns as if the guns are the problem. This is not only a deception, it is also a distraction. They seem focused on disarming the population of private citizens any way possible. But if people kill people (not guns), we have to ask why they are so focused on distracting you from the real issues. I also find it interesting that they are making it seem African Americans with guns are the main problem by implication, yet almost all the active shooter incidents that killed dozens and dozens of people were not done by African Americans. The shooters in the movie theater, S. Carolina, the military base, Columbine, Sandy Hook and many others you do not know about were not African American. And I have to wonder if Sharpton, Biden and others complaining about guns are turning in their guns. Likely not. Finally, it’s amazing how they never did a sit-in for all the gun violence in the African American community. They only did the sit-in after a lot of Caucasian people got scared from active shooter incidents.


Do you really think a violent criminal, active shooter or gangbanger with contacts and connections will be stopped by laws that restrict citizens from protecting themselves? On the contrary, these gun restrictions will make law abiding citizens sitting ducks because they cannot carry what is necessary to protect themselves. Even though guns are not allowed in night clubs, one thing i for certain. If an active shooter starts shooting people in a room where people are armed, he is not likely to kill 50 people. That room could have been a night club, a school, a military base or even a movie theater.


The only people restricted or disadvantaged by waiting periods are law abiding citizens. The only waiting period for the criminal is until he/she can get to the illegal supplier, steal guns from a pawn shop or find another legal way to get them. If a criminal buys a gun legally (like in Orlando), waiting periods will do nothing to stop him. If a criminal steals a gun, waiting periods will not slow him down. If a criminal has resources, he/she can get friends, family or other criminals to buy the guns. The problem is not the guns, the problem is the criminals. And people need to stop making it seem they are one in the same.


There seems to be a fear from some students and most administration about students carrying guns on college campuses. But there is an even bigger problem. College campus police usually receive minimal police training. The police staff on a college campus is also far too small to protect all or even half of the students. At Georgia State University, for example, there are over 36,000 students who go to class from 6am to 11pm at night. However there are likely no more than 2,000 police officers to cover the entire campus – and that is split up in 3 shifts. The numbers clearly show there are not enough police officers. Therefore it is common sense to allow students to protect themselves if the campus police cannot protect them. Apparently the governor does not understand that.

If we do not change the character, culture, behavior, justifications and contributing factors that breed crime, guns will only be replaced with more guns or something worse.

From a legal standpoint, colleges and universities could incur what is called premises liability if they know there are crimes against students on campus yet do not take reasonable steps to address the problem and protect the students. They can say “at your own risk” or proclaim they are not responsible for student safety all they like, but that is not guaranteed to erase all of the college or university liability. If administration and faculty are worried about students with guns, they must not understand that a Judge issues a permit based on the law and the second amendment – and college staff knows far less than the judge does. If I were in college today, I would get a concealed weapons permit and keep rolling.


If they still worry, a simple solution is to require a training class in order to carry a weapon. The class should include the following:

(1) Current gun laws and consequences,

(2) weapons retention,

(3) weapons storage, safety and cleaning and

(4) a gun range test for competency. Problem solved. And for those who would say “students might go crazy and start shooting people” I say this. That is not what has been happening and if someone is that sick, they will not abide by the rules regarding guns on campuses anyway. Thus the restrictions will do no good.

Finish story here; Gun Control Deception In America.


Good drive-by post (unless that was your comment in the comment section) We can never forget how important our training is in our attempt to control criminal gun violence. Thanks for looking out.