Thug Life Game

I admit it, I enjoy playing Brainium Solitaire on my phone. I use it for free, but there is a price to pay, I get to sit thru advertising between games.

A new game just popped up in the ads - Thug Life. It shows an automobile being beaten to oblivion by a baseball bat, kind of like the “peaceful” protestors were doing earlier this year. Does anybody know the background on this game? Maybe it’s not as bad as it seems, but the preview offends me.

If a reasonable person sees a turd on the pavement, he or she doesn’t really need to know a background on it, to understand what it is and not to touch it.


So… I was curious and read the OP. The “Thug Life” game that pops up on YT is a Facebook game. If it is the same, the closest I came to your description was an automobile with hammers bouncing around it. In the game, that was the animation for “fixing” one’s own vehicle. Maybe this is not what you were referring to. Anyways… there are all sorts of games with all sorts of goofy objectives.

Here’s a game I used to play when I was younger (1991) with a car smash bonus stage:


That’s not it, I’m going to try to take a screenshot of it next time it pops up.

Thug Life is for babies… :laughing:

I grew up on this one:


Are you talking about Mafia City or the Grand Mafia. They are just games on Google Play or the Apple Store

I don’t play anything from Google Play or Apple Store.
Phone is for talking and business Internet stuff…
The real GTA game was on PC.

It has not popped up again or I would have shown a screen shot. I have not been able to find anything with duck-duck-go that looks remotely like it. It was a car being smashed by a baseball bat, followed by, just stating the facts, a black guy holding both hands up like he’s shooting the bird, but it is his index fingers up.

Here it is

Well, the art work of the name is the same as the FB game I mentioned popping up on a Google search. But, maybe it’s different, I don’t know.

Random YT video of the game - 0:15 Hammers on vehicle (upgrading):

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Thanks, I probably would not have given it a 2nd thought pre-2020