Three Essential Firearms For Civil Unrest

22LR is all well and good, but a .177 air rifle will drop the same small game, ammo is even smaller and more plentiful. It’s been a bit but I do believe a 500 count bottle of bbs was like $5. It also has the advantage of being quieter. Slingshots work too. I guess my point here is that we have plenty of options for hunting lol

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Not a bad idea it it really needs to be one of the high velocity modern type air rifles.

I bought a Gamo 1330 (1330fps advertised) because the squirrels were getting more of our pecans than we were on our properties in town. On a good year I can collect upwards of 500-750.00 worth of pecans on those properties as long as I can keep ahead of the squirrels.

While it’ll do the job on squirrels fairly well to about 30 yards it’s just not quite there for cotton tails or other similar small game.

If I had to do it again I’d probably look for a .22 air rifle with high accuracy and velocity of 1,500fps.

The pellets while the same diameter are usually considerably lighter than .22lr or .177 rimfire rounds and as such bleed energy very quickly.

I’d rather have “too much gun” than “too little”.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the rabbits in Texas a rather large breed? Here in Michigan they aren’t that big, 2-4lbs tops. To feed my family (6) I would need 2 rabbits and I would have to make a stew or “rabbit and dumplings”.

A single shot 20 gauge opens up a lot of food variety too. We have a lot of water fowl and different game birds (and non game birds) here that are good eating.

Our Jack’s are long legged, tall and skinny but you’d really have to be starving to want to eat one. My granddad had a great joke about “Jack Rabbit Stew”.

Starts out with a long and very specific list of ingredients to buy, how to prepare them etc and of course how they must be layered in just such away in the pot all around the rabbit or it just wouldn’t taste right.

Goes on with exactly how long to cook at one setting, then two more settings with the same very detailed instructions.

In the end you grab the rabbit by the back legs and throw it away and eat all of the veggies an taters because the Jack is still just as tough and nasty as it was when you started. :rofl:

Our Cotton Tails are pretty small, by the time you dress them and cook it down removing the bones you’re probably left with less than a half pound of meat.

Handled right though they make a fantastic chicken fry.

I tried the pellet gun on a couple of them, got solid hits but it’s basically like sticking an ice pick through them making a very small hole, rarely exiting and even head shots were not getting clean kills.

We have a serious problem here with feral/wild cats and it wasn’t the least bit effective on them for anything other than making them jump, squeal, and run off.

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I love my old 1897, cycling that thing with Slam Fire…

People see the pump shotgun, then come the looks when it cycles faster most everything out there.

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Glock 17
Mossberg 500

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I had a bad experience while helping a buddy guide and one of the clients took a stupid shot at a rabbit that somehow missed my dog, ignoring the “no ground shots” instructions given at the start of the hunt. I leashed my dog and left the field, but I have had a “no rabbits” rule ever since. Back when we did hunt them we saw cycles where most of them would have Tularemia.

I had to look up your 590A1 - very impressive shotgun! 8+1 nice capacity!


We bought this monster 20 years ago and it has yet to fail us. We’ve even shot it with the bayonet attached to see if the vibration would cause it to come loose and were pleased to discover that it doesn’t.

Ours looks like the photo you provided with Ghost Ring sights and has a sidesaddle that holds 6 shells attached to the receiver. For a demonstration of the performance of this shotgun, check out Youtuber hickok45 @


I’ve only owned Mossberg 500s since the early 90’s, do you sling yours?

I’m going to do so as the Achilles heal for Mossberg is the elevator lifter pivot pin point can dislodge if dropped on its side rendering it critically malfunctioned and useless. I’ve never dropped mine or had them fall.

Either way I don’t have a bayonet lug but did attach HFD2 pumpkin puncher breachers to mine.

I like the way you think. I don’t have a lack of confidence in the revolver at all. A revolver and a pump shotgun carried me through many dangerous incidents. Simple and reliable. And in a civil unrest situation where they are coming down the block torching private residences (seen it) I’d add my trusty AR.


I’d go with what I currently own:
Winchester Defender
Taurus PT140 S&W 40

Ammunition and