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Ishi in Two Worlds by Theodora Kroeber - wife of Alfred Kroeber, curator of California’s Museum of Anthropology at Berkeley - is the biography of Ishi (“Eeshee”), the last “wild” Indian found in the U.S., in 1911. He was the only survivor of the Yanas, a tribe associated with the Yahi tribe, which lived in the Mt. Lassen area of northern California. Housed in the museum, Ishi became a “living exhibit” - visitors could watch him make weapons, clothing, and other handicrafts - he was the lone known survivor of a Neolithic culture. He is also profiled in Saxton Pope’s Bows and Arrows ,and the major influence in Pope taking up archery and bowhunting along with Art Young. The Pope and Young Club still exists, recording and keeping records of game taken by bowhunters - the Boone and Crockett Club is for gunhunters . This is a chronicle of a different time and place in America. FYI - Kurt17