Thought Experiment: .Gov Passes Sporting Arms Ban - WHAT HAPPENS IN SOCIETY?

The times are crazy. Here is a thought experiment. Given the scenario to follow, what in YOUR OPINION will follow, Personally, Your Local Community, Statewide, Societally/Nationally, Governmentally Etc.

Here is the proposed situation:

It is 2025. Society has become highly divided, immoral and self-serving, 1/2 of society feels entitled to whatever they want and have no restraint in taking it violently if necessary, feigning the rule of law since they know their “politically correct” belief will not be prosecuted, people quickly become triggered and violent over social and political beliefs and other liberal/socialist issues without remorse for their actions, laws are not enforced equitably/equally, the ruling class is corrupt and in half the population know or view this new government as illegitimate. The 2025 elections were held, the Democrats obviously cheated and managed a win, President Biden is now serving his second term as President of the USA. Democrats have taken control of both houses. One of their first actions is to stack the Supreme Court, it is done for appearances only since they installed highly partisan Justices, no one who actually has any intention of following Constitutional Law.

The Democrats quickly pass legislation outlawing semi-automatic sporting rifles, “assault rifles” they call them. You must turn in or destroy all your semi-automatic weapons, rifles and pistols, and anything that has a capacity of over 7 rounds. There is no compensation for your property, and if caught with any now banned item you face a mandatory 20 year prison sentence and $25,000.00 fine for EACH weapon and or magazine found to be in your possession.

WHAT HAPPENS per the first sentence of this thought experiment?


Well, it’s like Biden said when he announced his running for re-election, “I have a job to finish”. Maybe finish destroying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. :thinking:


That’s a typical prologue to every post apocalyptic movie I’ve ever seen!
Take your pick, they all start out the same way!
What’s puzzling me is you placed it in the future. Unfortunately it’s playing out right now.

For a better answer to your questions, ask a holocaust survivor!

However, in our case there will be no one ( USA ) coming to the rescue nor will there be a happy ending.
Once they ditch the Bible and the Constitution, we become a third world nation, where the streets will be bloodied, for a while, until everyone is out of bullets and food!

Me, I’m working on a title and who will play me in this B movie!


We’re already a 3rd world country.


Cautious optimism!


I suspect a fair percentage of the American Sheeple will hand them over, leaving the rest of the people to say “Nope, Not Going to Do It”. That will probably start a program similar to the one they tried here during the war on drugs called “Narc Your Neighbor” the Government will ask/tell people to call the authorities (notice I didn’t say police) and report who has a gun. Then the Government moves on to something like cars, decides they need to take everyone’s cars. That will wake some of society up when the “issue and enforcement” are turned against them.


The line has been drawn and those who oppose rise up against the tyranny while the UN joins in to settle the dispute behind the ruling tyrannous government. Civil war breaks out and other governments dip into the pot to get their piece of the pie. America becomes weak and the rest of the world licks their lips wanting some of that pie.
Other countries try their hand in knocking down the U.S. and the World War three starts but it starts in the U.S. and well, it all goes bad for everyone.


“From My cold dead Hands!” Double middle fingers to that gubment!


Weve already progressed to stage 6/7. History unfortunately has a habbit of repeating itself when people chose to be willfully ignorant of it


Wasn’t there a state in New England that banned them? Some kind of tiny percentage were turned in. Most were not.

I think it plays out in other ways than a door to door collection. In a collection, I think sufficient collectors get shot enough to stop the process wide spread.

I think the government will collect the records, make a list of who has them, and cross check that to other government services. You didn’t turn in your AR? You don’t get your tax return. You didn’t turn in your AR? Your kid doesn’t get health care (they will further socialize that too).


I immediately call them back and tell them they have all been destroyed and I don’t own any anymore. So will about 30,000,000 other people. How many agents does the ATF have?


Interesting post. I don’t agree with too strict firearm laws. I had a negative experience when I attempted to purchase a vintage shotgun from a licensed FFL dealer, just because there was no serial number on it.

I deeply regret it, but I’m suspicious that like some of the states with the most strict laws, it will be spreading onto more states.


"Come and take ‘em, If you can’’ Defender’s advantage…just saying


Don’t you mean its 2023, lol. I think at that point the next US civil war breaks out. By the end of it this country will be in 3-5 separate new countries. The US is already one of the oldest nations in existence in the world right now and we’re only 247/248 years old as a nation. How much longer can we do it?


After the civil war breaks out, other nations will think we will be easy pickings. Americans will pull their heads out of their collective arses, unite and who knows from there.


I think we’re taking steps into the higher levels, 7-9, of it. Look how the democraps are treating the FBI/IRS whistleblowers. Many LEOs, not all, are denying constitutional rights. Sometimes I think I realize why our founders went to war.


It won’t be a house-to-house search by a small band of police or quasi-military. It will be on an individual basis. You forget the court date on your speeding ticket. Don’t tell me you don’t speed. 35 in a 25 zone is speeding. Sure, cops don’t hand out many tickets these days for 10 over. In fact the urban legend in CA is that 10 over is still not speeding. That is not true. So we start to see a lot more enforcement and more arguments with cops and more arrests with terms of probation that you must submit to a search of your person, vehicle or residence at any time by any law enforcement officer. That includes by the way, the fire marshal, the building inspector, the code enforcement officer looking for building code violations, the list is so long I don’t have time tonight to list every bureaucrat that can be described as a law enforcement officer. So the building code inspector knocks on the door checking for newly installed plumbing. Did you know in Los Angeles it is required to get a building permit to change a trap in a sink? Did you install your last water heater yourself? Did you get a building permit to do so? “Hi. I’m here to do a building code violation inspection.” Do you blast him on the doorstep? So while he is checking out the bathrooms and the water heater in the garage he just happens to notice a large safe big enough to hold a gun. The next thing you know the swat squad dressed in their ninja outfits has busted down your front door, have shot your Mexican chihuahua and you and wifey are face down in your night clothes (hopefully and not in your birthday suits) while the ninjas are tearing your house apart and then you are hustled off in handcuffs while the newsies are there with their cameras and bright lights and the PD spokesman is announcing the arrest of another gun toting terrorist to one and all on the local news channel. That’s how it will go down, at 0 dark thirty with the front door smashed in and a bunch of ninja wannabes yelling at you to get down on the floor. You really won’t get a chance to resist. They’ve got the act down pat. You see it in the news almost weekly.


THAT is why I built my MOAT! I love my moat!
and stocked it w/ TEXAS “ALLEY-GATOR’S”
(two old jokes but some may remember them)